Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top 10: Just Pointless

This Top 10 List is brought to you in part by my buddy Pogue, who brought up three of these points during football watching on Sunday at Caddies. The topic is different, but the points are the same. I hope you enjoy the:

Top 10 Most Pointless Things People Do
10) Leave your hand on the stick shift even when you're driving an automatic - I'm pretty sure you're not going to need to quickly put it in park, justifying the move
9) Clap and cheer at your favorite sports team while watching them on TV - To quote Pogue, "I'm sure they can hear your support and are really getting fired up about it"
8) Talk or clap while watching a movie - This is more a pet peeve, though if you ever watch a movie in "certain" theaters, it is definitely an interactive experience. I'm sure that's what the director intended. And as for clapping, Pogue adds "I'm certain the movie theater relays your response directly to the director and production company." Morons.
7) Women refer to their friends that are women as "girlfriends." - This is not really necessary, we don't tell you that we're going to play poker with our "boyfriends" tonight. That's just gay.(Again, a Pogue contribution) This does, however, continue to support my theory that all women are, in part, lesbians.
6) Look around before telling an inappropriate joke - I think the look around is the international symbol that an inappropriate joke is about to be made, you ain't fooling anyone.
5) Push the elevator button more than one time - I'm sure it has a sensor inside that speeds up the elevator with every new push
4) Pretend to not like the movie "The Notebook" even though it is really a treasured addition to your DVD library, to be watched again and again - Huh?
3) Duck when you drive into a parking garage with a low ceiling - I'm sure your car gets lower when you do this, so as long as you duck down, you won't hit the roof.
2) Purposely set your alarm clock 10 minutes fast - Hey jackass, you set it, so you know you have an extra 10 minutes!
1) Spend anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour writing posts on a blog that only 15 people read.

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