Saturday, September 17, 2005

Brain Farts 3

I have a bunch of little comments I want to make so you'll have to enjoy the complete randomness of the Brain Farts: Not Quite the Real Shit, But Still Funny.

-Am I a dirty old man if every time I drive on Democracy Blvd. by the Walter Johnson High School field and the field hockey team is practicing, I look over?

-Every so often you come away with a night out drinking and you realize the next day that you didn't pay for a single drink. That night was last night. Hell, I didn't even pay for the Metro...they had that shuttle bus thing again and it screwed with their system, so I jumped the gate. Good times.

-Last night, I finally put my iPod (still pissed about the Nano) to work and took it with me for the metro ride to and from DC. Definitely a solid investment, though none of the songs matched up with what I was seeing, so it didn't have that whole theme music thing I was looking for. Perhaps, a little "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins should be on the playlist next time.

-I just got my grandmother a Lavar Arrington jersey for her 83rd birthday. I find that humorous, there's really no joke associated with this.

-I don't believe in cruelty to animals in real life, but in the movie, "Assault of Precinct 13" (which is a pretty good movie, just got it from Netflix) I couldn't stop laughing after the guy punches the rotweiler in the head.

-Yesterday, I stopped at McDonalds for lunch and while I was waiting for my stuff to be made, I got to see a train wreck unfold. I really don't need to go much further than to say that the guy ordering was about 75 years old and had a hearing problem, and the girl taking the order had a thick Spanish accent. Couple with that the fact that she had a habit of repeating the order for clarification and you have sheer comedy. And, did you know that McDonalds offers a "senior" Coke, which is only $.49? I mean, it's not even on the menu. How did this old guy know about it?

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