Friday, September 23, 2005

Place Your Bets: Week 3

Well, Week 2 was a slight bit better than Week 1, but I would really like to see some improvement in the picks I'm actually putting money on...I haven't gotten one right this year. Fuck. Anyway, the totals for last week were 8-7-1* (I didn't write about the Pittsburgh game for some reason, but I got it right on Amy's office picks, so I'm taking the Win...bite me). On the season, that puts me at an unimpressive 16-15-1. Still on the positive side, so let's look at this week's matchups:

BETS I LIKE FOR THIS WEEK: (You should probably bet the opposite)
Carolina (-3) at Miami: Carolina proved they are still one of the best, winning against New England last week. The running game looks strong and the defense should have little problem stopping the Dolphins.

Cincinnati (-3) at Chicago: The Bears are still a crappy squad, I don't care what they did to the Lions. Cincinnati, and Carson Palmer, have looked nasty thus far and I see that continuing for at least one more week.

Oakland at Philadelphia (-8): I just don't think Oakland has really made that big of a step forward with the additions of Lamont Jordan and Randy Moss. Their defense is still garbage and Philly should easily win this one by 10 or more.

As much as I hate to do it, th e Giants (+220) have looked very solid and have more than enough weapons to take down the Chargers. Eli has a lot to prove, going to San Diego where he refused to play, and this is the perfect time for him to show it. I still hate Shockey though...I hope he breaks his leg dancing after a touchdown.

Jacksonville (+2.5) at NY Jets: The Jets have looked like crap thusfar and Jacksonville's defense was able to hold Peyton Manning to 10 points. They should pull this one out.

Tennessee (+6.5) at St. Louis: I don't necessarily think Tennessee will win this game, but Mike Martz will find a way to keep this one close and the Titans will cover the spread.

New Orleans (+3.5) at Minnesota: I've been on the anti-Vikings train all season and it should continue to disappoint.

Cleveland at Indy (-14): This is a big spread to try to cover against the always surprising Trent Dilfer (didn't they say his starting record is something like 22-7?), but Indy has a lot of pent up offense waiting to shoot out after a 10 point showing last week. They could score 50.

Atlanta (+2.5) at Buffalo: Haven't I picked against the Bills every week? Why change now?

Tampa Bay (-3.5) at Green Bay: I wonder if they Bucs have ever been favored in Green Bay when Brett Favre has been a starter? I think it's justifiable this, does that defense suck.

Arizona at Seattle (-6.5): The Cardinals have absolutely no running game, a terrible defense, and Kurt Warner as their quarterback. I still think he could have a good season this year...especially playing from behind all the time, but this one should be Seattle's 7.

New England at Pittsburgh (-3): The Steelers are arguably the best thing going right now, and they get to replay the AFC Championship game that ended their Cinderella story last year. Yeah, I think they have a bit more pushing them in this game.

Dallas (-6.5) at San Francisco: I'm glad the old San Fran squad reared its head last week. Let the losing continue...and the era of Alex Smith begin.

Kansas City (+3) at Denver: It's always tough to play in Denver, but I have to stick with the Chiefs until someone proves they can stop the two-headed monster of Priest and Diaper.

BTW, Diaper is the new nickname to be used for anyone in your group who doesn't yet have a nickname. Trust me, it's very catchy after a few disappointments. DIAPER!!

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