Friday, September 16, 2005

Place Your Bets: Week 2

OK, last week wasnt' so great. I ended up losing all my bets, though my overall picks were 8-8...which isn't too bad for Week 1 and with all the upsets that occurred. So, I'm looking to rebound nicely going into Week 2. Not the best games to watch this week, but here's what I'm thinking:

Ravens (-3.5) at Tennessee: Let's see... Tennessee played a strong defensive team with an offense that likes to run the ball last week, and got killed. This week they play a strong defensive team with an offense that like to run the ball. Though Anthony Wright is not Ben Roethlisberger, I'm gonna have to bet against the young Tennessee defense.

Patriots (-3) at Carolina: Bill Belichik proves time and time again that he is by far the greatest coach out there. I see no reason why the Patriots can't beat a team that lost to the Saints at home.

Falcons (+1) at Seattle: The straight bet is off, so take the point and enjoy the money. Seattle is a solid offensive team, but I really don't think they'll pull this one out. The Falcons defense really doesn't get the credit they deserve.

Technically, the Falcons was an upset, but I'll go out on a limb and say that the Dolphins (+220) are gonna pull out the bigger upset this week. Miami was a very solid team two years ago, which is often overlooked, and though they've lost some key players on defense, I like what Coach Saban was able to do against the Broncos last week. The Jets looked horrible against Kansas City and I don't think a week of Herm Edwards bitching is necessarily gonna turn this team around. I know now why the Redskins were happy to get rid of Lav Coles. Good riddance, Loser!

The Jaguars (+9) have a strong enough defense and potent enough offense to hang with Peyton Manning. I don't think they'll win in Indy, but I think they'll keep it inside that 9 points.

The Lions (-1.5) are easily gonna walk over the Bears this week. Hell, the Redskins beat 'em and Joey Harrington is better than Ramsey and Brunnell combined...though that's not saying much.

The post-Randy era in Minnesota started off poorly and I think they'll see more of the same as they travel to play the Bengals (-3).

I really don't want to make this pick, given how the Rams fared against the 49ers, but I think Philly (-13) is a much better coached team than the Martz squad. If Donovan doesn't play, I want a mulligan though.

Is the Bills defense really that good? I think, no. But they're definitely one of the top defenses in the game. I still don't like Losman and Tampa (-2.5) is riding high. I peg this for one of those crappy, 13-10 games.

The Rams (+1) can't lose two in a row...can they?? I mean, it's still the Arizona Cardinals. Though, it was still the San Francisco...god, Mike Martz sucks.

Ahman Green should be able to run over the Browns defense and that will secure the victory for the Packers (-6). Plus, Brett Favre always does poorly against Detroit, so I'm putting last week behind us.

The Chargers (+3) have their tight end back and they played a solid game against the Cowboys without him. Look out,'re gonna be 0-2.

Chiefs (-1) at Oakland: Holy crap, this is the game to watch. The over-under is 53.5 and I hope it ends on the over side. That will cap off a nice day of football.

Every year, I'm a big supporter of the Saints (+3), which usually brings me lots of criticism. Perhaps, this is the year?? They've always had the talent, plus I've already stated that I hate the Giants, especially Eli, but especially Shockey.

Hail to the Redskins (+6). They won't beat the Cowboys, but they'll keep it close, just to piss me off.

Well, that's my picks...and I'm sticking with 'em.


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