Saturday, September 10, 2005

J-Man: Inappropriate

A couple days ago, I'm looking over my blog and see that I have a comment from a new reader. Usually, it's just my friends that are reading my blog, so whenever someone new leaves a comment, I feel it's only right to go see their blog and perhaps leave a comment of my own if the mood strikes me.

So, I go to this person's blog and see that it has actually just begun and only has one post about their day...typical stuff, ya know. There is no title, but there are a couple comments. One of the comments is from the person whose blog it is, saying something along the lines of "I can't come up with a good title. Can anyone help?"

I figure, I'll put my two cents in and leave my opinion which was something like this:

"Nice start for your blog. You shouldn't worry about the title, because the good thing about a blog is that it is all yours. So, you could name that entry "Go F$#k (yes, I used the symbols) Yourself" just because, and it would be alright. Keep up the writing."

Now, this is humorous to me and perhaps to some of you, and it was supposed to make the point that you can do whatever you want on your blog, since it's yours. But apparently, this was inappropriate.

I just checked back onto that blog to see how it had progressed and noticed that my comment had been deleted and there was a comment from the 16-year old blogger's mom (woops) saying that, though I was being supportive of the writing, my comment was vulgar and had no place on their blog. YIKES!!

Now I feel like a dirty bastard who goes to the park and gives kids candy.

J-man: Inappropriate for audiences under 17.


Kody said...

HAHA... that's great! Good thing you didn't go into any more details to her. That poor, scarred little girl. You can put "Go F&#% Yourself" on my blog anyday!

DeCoMpOsEd said...

haha.. you should of responded ... well then you can go f@#& yourself..