Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things that Suck

Since it has now been almost 4 months since my last post, you can sort of see that I am not really sticking with this blogging thing like I did before. In an attempt, however, to rekindle my creative juices, I'm starting a new recurring theme, much like my old Top 10 Lists and Brain Farts. This is along the lines of my Brain Farts, but will give me greater pleasure to spout off about. So, I hope to add regularly to my new topic "Things that Suck."

In these posts, I will post all things that piss me off, irritate me, seem exceptionally stupid, or in any way suck. Feel free to add your own suck moments, as I'm sure it will be quite cathartic for us all. And now, my first rant:

Why in the hell do they insist on playing the same three commercials during an entire 3 hour football game on TV? By halftime, I am so sick of seeing that same shit, I really want to change the channel, but am fearful I might miss game action, so I'm forced to sit through it. And the worst of these is that damned TV commerical that shows Chad Pennington throwing a TD pass in the corner of the end zone, but by the "magic of the quality of the TV, we don't have to wait around for the replay" to see this jackass at the end dance around like a country hillbilly in front of his screen. Who dances like that during a football game? And why aren't his friends kicking his ass for being such a douche? I'm pretty sure there's a black guy in the room. How is he just letting him get away with dancing like that? And how, if I hate this commercial so much, do I know all these vivid details? Because I have to suffer through this every 10 minutes for three straight hours. Man, does that piss me off.