Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gibbs is Retarded

I watched the Redskins game this past Sunday and I was very pleased with the win and some of the plays I saw out of the offense...though 9 points is nothing to be ecstatic about. The defense is amazing and nothing more needs be said about that. However, the benching of Ramsey after 3 series and now naming Brunell the starter is simply ridiculous.

First off, let me explain that I may be one of the few Ramsey supporters out there...because, quite frankly, the kid ain't that great. Though Patrick Ramsey is prone to making some bone head moves and taking a few too many sacks, his arm strength is far superior to that of Mark Brunell. For that reason, and that reason only, I like Ramsey.

Why? It's simple. If I'm on a defense playing in the secondary against the Redskins and they have Ramsey under center, I have to respect the fact that this guy could throw a seed over my head to a speedy Santana Moss or David Patten thirty plus yards down the field. With Brunell under center, I can cheat up a bit to slow down the running game because there ain't no way his rag arm is putting one past me. Does anyone else remember the disaster that was last year's offense?

In addition to this, Brunell was the quarterback for the Redskins last year for eight games. Eight terrible games. And he sucked. Really bad. I'm talking, "people were wishing we still had Tony Banks" bad. So, finally Gibbs decides that he is so shitty, he must be replaced. In comes Ramsey. He wasn't spectacular, but he was an improvement.

Then, here we are starting a new season and who is back as our quarterback for week 2??!! It just doesn't make sense. Here's the logic...Brunell is bad, so bad he must be replaced by Patrick Ramsey. Therefore, one must assume Ramsey is better (not good, just better).

So, why do you go back to the worse player without giving Ramsey any shot at all?

Look, if Joe Gibbs really thinks Patrick Ramsey is terrible and shouldn't be the quarterback of the Redskins, then put Jason Campbell in there. Yeah, he's a rookie and he'll probably make a bunch of mistakes, but can he be any worse than Brunell was last year for eight games? Or can he not put up 9 points and no offensive touchdowns against a shitty team? At least he'll get some playing time and maybe become the player that was worth trading away next season's draft for.

If the Redskins don't score more than 10 points this week against Dallas, the mutiny should begin. I know Coach Gibbs won this town three Super Bowls, but he has obviously lost his mind.


Anonymous said...

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Catheter Man said...

What makes you think that Gibbs has any passing plays that are designed to go more than 5 yards? Or score touchdowns for that matter? Arm strength doesn't matter in this "offense."

gman said...

okay. you all are morons.

brunell looks like an awesome option right now next to ramsey. he didn't throw in the second half because he didn't need to. he engineered two field goal drives to get his feet wet and then portis and betts running the ball got us down to the one inch line... at that point it didn't matter. take the lead and move on. brunell looked great in preseason -- not making mistakes and getting the ball off quick. Ramsey, yes has the potential for bigger plays but also holds the ball too long and makes HUGE fucking mistakes... why do you think he had three turnovers? he's got the mind of a peapod and doesn't get that if he holds the ball he will get drilled and he will get killed. While brunell ain't the answer past this season, it would be a cardinal sin to start a mistake prone, field shortening loser like ramsey when we have a defense that can carry us to the playoffs. that said, we don't have a prayer against the cowboys. yes, you heard me. they are the team to beat in the nfcbeast.

by the way.. I LOVE the cutting of antonio brown. I mean, if that doesn't send the right message to players, I don't know what does.

The J Man said...

"Brunell" and "great" or "awesome" never belong in the same sentence...I don't care even if you're referring to the preseason.

Brunell had his chance last year...I'm not willing to forgive or forget how terrible he played. We had the same amazing defense last year, and we won 6 games. Brunell's talent is just not there any more and you will change your tune, I'm sure, when Brunell shows his true colors again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping you're right...but I doubt it.

Antonio Brown was garbage. They kept him just so he could return kicks and he fumbles?! Unfortunately, now there are only 4 receivers on the roster and one is hurt. Why did they not keep Kevin Dyson and his height instead?

Anonymous said...

Gman that was the worst amount of Gibbs sluping I have seen in a long time. Yes, the man won a couple of super bowls 20 years ago, but he has just lost it. Both Ramsey and Brunell suck. Did you even watch the first 8 games last year? Brunell was the worst QB in the league, hands down. That is saying something considering Viiny T was playing in Dallas. If ramsey sucks that bad, go with the kid. Brunell ain't going to get you to the playoffs this year, you might as well build for the future.

That being said, how you like them Pats? Brady Rules.

-B. Lang

Anonymous said...

Sluping should read 'slurping'.