Monday, September 12, 2005

The Rating Game

Now, I probably have some better things to write about since my outdoor football league started on Sunday as did the NFL at my new viewing location, Caddies in Bethesda, and of course, the weekend of drinking, but instead I'm gonna write about my great idea that I got to put to use tonight...which can help you too.

I just ordered Chinese Food delivery, which I do quite often, and I reached into my menu drawer to decide what to order. With so many menus to choose from, it's tough to know which one to go with and what I thought was good or not before, especially since most of the names sound the same. So, I used to run into the problem of ordering food and then when it arrived being really let down. But that has all changed since I started my rating system.

You see, every time I order Chinese food from a place, I rate the food I get on a five star scale. I write it down right on the menu so that I have the ratings right there the next time I order. I also put either a plus, minus or nothing if I order something I've previously rated and it is better or worse than originally rated.

So, tonight, I wanted a simple Chicken and Broccolli (which I order with some regularity). I checked the four menus I had and found two places where I had given it 4 stars and one with 3 stars. The other place, I guess I hadn't gotten it. I'm not in the mood to be let down tonight so I went with the four star place, which also got a 5 star on the Egg Rolls.

It has taken me 8 years of ordering Chinese food, going back to college years, to come up with this great plan, and now I pass this knowledge off to you. Never eat crappy Chinese food twice again...courtesy of the J-man.


gman said...

hey tard. great knowledge -- i've employed it ever since the divorce.

I see the doc tomorrow.

DeCoMpOsEd said...

ive been using it as well for a while... works good.