Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Top 10: 2Pac

2pac was killed 9 years ago today, and while 95.5 WPGC did a crappy 2Pac Most Wanted Countdown this afternoon, I present to you my take on:

The Top Ten Best 2Pac Songs
10. "Smile" - With Scar Face. This one was #2 on the WPGC countdown, which I thought was way too high.
9. "Holla At Me" - This one really didn't get the attention it deserved.
8. "2 of Americaz Most Wanted" - With Snoop Dogg, a very solid contribution
7. "Me Against The World" - This is the song I think about first when I think of 2Pac, I think it's the first one I heard. It's not the best though
6. "I Get Around" - Truly a classic. I can still see the video of him running around with a bunch of half naked chicks on the tennis court or something like that
5. "Dear Mama" - The softer side of 2Pac. I could listen to this song over and over again
4. "To Live & Die in LA" - The song is great, the intro is great, and what's better than saying, "I had sex with your wife...not in those words."
3. "Life Goes On" - On any given day, I'd put this as the number 1 song on this list, but these other two are just as good.
2. "Changes" - Even though he was "dead" when this was released, it is amazing.
1. "Keep Ya Head Up" - Oooooeeeee child, things are gonna get easier...classic.

If it wasn't Tuesday and I didn't feel like crap (tired, sore and dehydrated...closing season sucks), I'd pour out some liquor for my dead homey.

Who am I kidding, I'm a skinny Jewish man who grew up in an upper-middle class neighborhood. Enjoy the list, though.

BTW, WPGC chose "Hail Mary" as the number 1 song. What?!!


Anonymous said...

California Dreamin'

The J Man said...

Damn, totally botched and forgot that one. I assume you meant California Love, unless Tupac covered the old Mamas and Papas song. Probably that would go around seven and kick the others down a notch. Nice spot.

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