Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Top 10: King of Pop

In honor of Michael Jackson's rise to the ranks of OJ and Kobe as celebrities who get away with anything (though MJ is innocent), it seems only fitting that this week I bring to you:

Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs
(So whip out your old cassette tapes and your copy of Home Alone, and just beat it.)
10) Earth Song - This song really didn't get any attention because he was too busy dealing with his first child-touching court case. I'd have to say this was his last good song.
9) Wanna Be Startin' Something - Who can forget, "Mama say, mama saw, mama cusa???!!!"
8) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - I'm not a huge fan of the 70s Michael, but this was his tops.
7) The Way You Make Me Feel - The girl in this video is pretty smoking. If only she were 6 years old, and male, and I'd find the lyrics more convincing.
6) Smooth Criminal - Annie, are you OK?
5) Human Nature - A terribly underappreciated Jacko tune, though it has been sampled and re-done on many occassions.
4) Beat It - Yeah, I had a leather jacket with a bunch of zippers on it when I was 7. You got a problem with that?
3) Man in the Mirror - This ended up being his theme music for the trial, but a great song.
2) Billie Jean - Watching MJ perform this at the Motown reunion is like watching the other MJ pull the up and under move against the Lakers in the '91 NBA Finals. Spec-TAC-ular.
1) Thriller - This is a classic, groundbreaking song and video. It could be nowhere else but #1.


Catheter Man said...

Good list, but I gotta put Man in the Mirror at #1.

One amazing thing about MJ: can you think of another artist with more songs you can identify after only 1 or 2 notes?

Someone should bring back name that tune.

David said...

i like the list but you gotta have "Rock Wit You" on their....