Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So Much to Say

This past weekend was truly one of my busier weekends in some time, so I really don't know where to start. I'll only touch on some of the higher points, as going into most of the details could make this blog extremely long.

Friday night started off kind of slow. Went down to my buddy, Kupe's, place and got to meet his new dog, Takoma. Takoma is part beagle, but the other part is a much larger breed. This is funny because Kupe lives in a condo and the rules of the condo are, "you can have a dog, but you must carry it in and out of the building." Takoma is 9 months old and weighs somewhere around 30 lbs. Seeing Kupe's girlfriend lifting up this dog to take it for a walk was truly comedy at its finest. If only they had gotten a bull mastiff.

The night continued on with the standard trip to Peyote Cafe (the karaoke bar) to cheer for upbeat 80s tunes and boo everything else. I'm surprised our group of friends did not get punched, as booing is normally bad form. Though we did try to explain within our booing, "We're not booing you, we're booing your song choice." I kid you not, someone sang "Endless Love" at 1 AM. Who does that?! You are asking to get booed.

On to Saturday. As I mentioned in my other blog, the house was in shambles so I fixed it up for most of the day. Around 6 PM, I headed down to my buddy, Langley's place to do some pre-gaming before heading out for a birthday gathering.

The closest metro stop to Langley's house is Dupont Circle. For those not familiar with DC, Dupont Circle is a notoriously gay area. You put those last two sentences together and make your own jokes. (talk amongst yourselves). So I get off the metro and I'm heading over to Langley's house, which is like a 10 block walk. Typically, I see a couple obviously gay people hanging around, but for the most part, it's not like walking into the dark section of Bourbon Street during Mardis Gras.

But today, something is different. Today, there's an unusual amount of men holding hands, women with hair shorter than mine, beads, and leather chaps. Wait, did I just see leather chaps?!! It took me about three blocks of walking to realize there was obviously something going on, and when I turned onto New Hampshire Avenue and saw gays upon gays lining the streets, it was apparent I was just moments ahead of "A gay rights parade."

I have no problem with homosexuality, but I have always wondered this one thing. Why is it that most gay people look and act like everyone else 99% of the time, but then when a gay rights or gay activist event occurs, they start wearing bright orange moo-moos and leather chaps out in public? What is the deal? This is right up there with the Star Wars nerds putting on their Darth Vader suit to go see the opening night of Star Wars. But I digress.

On to the evening's festivities. We headed over to Porter's and hung out on the second floor. Not too much going on here, but I did see a classic move that has now joined my repertoire of late night stupid things to do. This one I saw while I was chilling with my drink and the music had gotten a little better, causing some girls to start dancing in a circle. Well, girls dancing in a circle is always an inviting place to be, and I think that's what this one guy was thinking.

Did you ever see Twin Peaks when it was on TV? Do you remember the dwarf with the big head who appeared in the dream sequence and spoke backwards? He's been parodied on SNL and the Simpson's since, and apparently he lives in DC now and was at the bar. (He might be a friend of my buddy, Edwin, so I'll apologize for being an asshole right now) So, obviously, he's danced on national TV, he's not afraid to join a couple girls on the dance floor. But any smooth operator knows that if your entering "the circle," you need to get prepped for it. You gotta make sure the ladies know you mean business. And what says, "I mean business" more than licking your left hand, slapping your two hands together and rubbing them deviously as you make your move. Where did he learn this move, and why did I have to wait until this night to see such entertainment?

I don't remember what happened next, and quite frankly I don't even care. As I feel this was the highlight of my night (though other stuff occurred and was funny), I think I'll end this blog at this great moment.

Is that strong bass jazz music I hear playing? Os kniht i, ho.

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Anonymous said...

That was PHEEENOMINAL. The ole like the hand move is classic