Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Deaf Come Out at Night

Not normal for me to write two posts in one day, but like I said, last night was retarded. This one will be short.

After Dan's we went to Spaghetti Garden/Peyote/Brass Monke/Roxanne's complex. We lost Zack and apparently stumbled into the twilight zone.

In Brass Monkey and Roxanne's, there must have been about 100 deaf people. How do I know? It was relatively quiet despite the number of people, and everyone was freakin' signing to each other. It was very surreal.

My buddy Scott was covering his mouth as he talked, and I had to fight not laughing. I know, hell's calling, but if you were there and had about 8 drinks in you, you'd be laughing too. Truly remarkable...but this morning I thought of these issues:

1) How does a deaf person go to a bar if it's crowded? They can't just hold their drink and sign at the same time. They'd have to put it down to communicate.

2) This one probably has a simple answer (I can think of many), but how do they order drinks?

3) We slur our words when we're drunk. What happens to a deaf person? I don't know that I'd be able to focus hard enough to sign or read sign language when I'm drinking, but then again, I only know the sign alphabet from 5th grade.

Guess I should have stayed around and tried to get answers to these questions.

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