Monday, June 27, 2005

Basketball Nightmares

Since my last post about our basketball team losing a heartbreaker despite fighting through a 4 on 5 first half, our team has stumbled to a 1-5 start with our only victory being by forfeit (though the team we would have played has never won). Our latest disaster just finished and I am sitting here in cool down, completely disgusted with my own shooting and the overall play of our entire team.

I really can't be too upset as we were, and have always been, completely outmatched in every one of our games. Tonight we were playing one of the best teams in the league and justifiably no player on their team was shorter than even our tallest player.

The result was our repeated inability to grab a rebound, allowing them to continue to shoot and shoot until they made their shot, and limiting us to one shot (if we even got it off) each possession. The result...a 40-10 first half drubbing and an eventual loss by 30+ points. Did I mention they were a bunch of International players? How do you say, "We kicked their asses?" in Croatian?

Though I basically knew we were going to lose before we played (sad, I know) it's terribly frustrating to battle with a 6'5" guy and finally when you get good position and feel the rebound is yours, to have another 6'5" guy snatch the ball away from you. Then, add to that that my shooting reached an all-time low.

Though I finished with the second highest point total for our team (8 points...yeah, I know), I probably shot about 25% if that, only making my four baskets on layups and missing my only free throw. The rest of our team didn't fair much better and most possessions consisted of a one on three (or more) drive and heave, since we really couldn't set up any type of offense without a big man to work an inside-outside style of game.

Thankfully, we have a week off to regroup physically and mentally. Physically, I think I need it because right now I have this weird sensation that my arms and legs are on fire. I am on drugs for the strep throat I contracted last week, which may explain this odd feeling, but if you don't see any posts for several days, call an ambulance for the old J-man.

At least everyone gets into the playoffs. For now, hit the showers.

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