Saturday, June 25, 2005


After months of posting and making reference to Chloe, I am taking advantage of the new blogspot picture capability to show you the dog behind the stories.

I got Chloe back in October when she was 10 weeks old, so there's really no one to blame for her antics except myself.

When I first picked her out, the lady at the pet store suggested that I call her Pistol because even at that point she was very boisterous. It comes with the territory though, because I really wanted a beagle and that's just how they are. I'm a bit insane at times, so I figured we'd work well together. It took a while before we chose a name, but ended up with Chloe. I actually had never had a female dog and the idea of naming a dog a girl's name seemed a bit weird to me. I already had set myself to name my male dog, Knuckles, but that will have to wait, I guess.

So, I get Chloe home, get her a whole bunch of stuff and then the experiment begins. I was a psychology major in college, so I figured this would be easy...I remember Pavlov. WRONG! Chloe found great pleasure in peeing and pooping on every piece of carpeting in the house, and did not have a great fondness for wet grass. This lasted for about 3 months. Amy was beyond annoyed, because she does not like dogs to begin with and the place still has a faint smell of pee on our stairs going to the basement.

She is finally settled in the going outside routine, though she'll have an accident here or there. Don't we all? As for other training, she's not too disciplined though she does know how to sit, shake your hand (which is AWESOME), sit up on her hind legs, lay down, and punch you in the balls (she actually learned this one on her own, which sucks).

She's actually a great dog, most of her day consists of her sitting on a seat here in the computer room, looking out the window and howling (she's a beagle) at anyone that walks by. She gets especially pissed off when these two white dogs go by on their walk. Really riles her up. The rest of her time is spent following me around or destroying one of her many toys. She has the very odd habit of tearing the eyes out of all the stuff toys and ripping the stuffing out of their head through the eye socket. Errr, a little disturbing.

Glad she only weighs 17 lbs.

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