Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Top 10: Don't Believe the Hype

With the NBA Draft occurring last night, there will soon be talk of how great this and that guy are going to be. Of course, there will be one or more players that will get lots of talk and not have much to show about it (Kwame Brown). So with that in mind, I present to you:

Top 10 Most "Overhyped" Athletes
10) Lavar Arrington - As a Redskins fan, this one hits close to home. I've been hearing all the hype for years now, and when do the Skins have their best defensive year? When Lavar is out hurt.
9) Jerry Stackhouse - I got to see Stackhouse first hand when he played here for the Wizards. All I can say is "thank god he's gone."
8) Yao Ming - Yes, he's big and Asian but I don't see circus freaks headlining newspapers. If you can't get to the NBA Finals with T-Mac as your teammate, you're obviously not the next great big man. Unless, the problem is...
7) Tracy McGrady - T-Mac...Macaroni. Win something, then you can have a shoe worth buying. Punk.
6) Jake "The Snake" Plummer - Why does everyone think this guy is good? Yes, he had to play on Arizona for most of his career, but shouldn't a good quarterback make a team better?
5) Barry Bonds - This is less a commentary about Barry's skills and more a commentary about the sportscasters that are constantly sucking his dick. They have a sportscaster whose only assignment is this one man. I know he's breaking records but come on. What about the guys that are winning World Series?
4) Mike Tyson - Yeah, he used to kill guys when he was young, but why are people even spending $5 to see this guy box now. He quit his last match for no reason??!!
3) Antoine Walker - I've always hated this guy and then that trade with Atlanta last year was just shameful. I still don't know how he gets any hype...I'm pretty sure most NBA players could average 20.0 PPG if they took 50 shots.
2) Eric Lindros - Wasn't he supposed to be the next big thing to help keep hockey alive once Wayne Gretzky retired? Yeah, that seemed to work.
1) Vince Carter - This douchebag thinks he's bigger than the game and can force his team to trade him. Who do you think you are? Where are your championship rings? Where are your MVP awards, mini-Michael Jordan???

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Catheter Man said...

You missed #1... Derek Jeter. He's not even the best shortstop on his own team!