Monday, October 13, 2008

You Just Can't Win

As I've already brought up in the last post, I ended up staying at Rocket Bar on Friday night as opposed to making my rounds to hopefully meet up with my other friends randomly positioned around the city. What I didn't mention was the fact that I realized that regardless of what I do, if I talk to a woman at a bar, I'm a dick. Here's how it went down.

We roll into Rocket Bar and head to the back corner area of the second bar, over by the shuffle board table. My friend Stephen is pretty tanked and apparently can't control himself when he sees a birthday cake sitting at a table here, and helps himself. Thankfully, the birthday crowd is more than willing to share their cake, and ironically one of the members of the party went to high school with me. I talked to her for a bit, found out it was her boyfriend's birthday and then begin talking with her friend, Kara, for the next 20-30 minutes.

As I've mentioned in past blog entries, I could probably talk to a deaf monkey for hours, so I'm really not sure if I was being charming or what, but after some time, I feel it is best I move on so as not to lead this girl on. I head over to play shuffleboard, and Eric asks me what happened with the girl. He's disappointed in me for walking away as he thought she was pretty hot, and as their entire group left the area, it appears as if I've heard the last from her.

Or not. About an hour later, I'm still playing shuffleboard (I'm apparently getting better at this game) when I get a tap on the shoulder. It's Kara. She's come back to let me know that she's heading out, and when we get to that awkward moment when I don't know what to do, I cave. I ask her if I can get her number so maybe we can hang out some time in the future.

Eric sees this exchange and later comes up to me to inquire about my getting her number.

Eric: So, I saw that girl came back.
Me: Yep, she wanted to say goodbye.
Eric: You get her number?
Me: Yeah.
Eric: So, you gonna call her?
Me: Probably not.
Eric: You're such a dick.

Yes, I am a dick. I didn't want to be. But, yes, ladies, I am apparently "that guy" at the bar that gets your number and never calls. I tried the avoidance technique earlier, but I just couldn't withstand the pressure of awkwardness. Perhaps I need to be stronger in the future to avoid being a dick.

Well, wouldn't you know it. The future comes faster than one would expect. Apparently, I'm throwing mad mojo this particular night, as a new girl appears and I end up talking with her as well. She's on the same side as me playing shuffleboard (now, I'm a pro) so we're just talking that usual shuffleboard shit talk. Anyway, the place closes down, and Eric, G-Man, this girl, her friend, and I all head to the metro. This girl is actually a friend of Eric's, so I'm just thinking we're all leaving together to be friendly.

We wait at the metro for a while, get on the train, and she sits next to me. Everyone else is sitting in their own seat. Uh oh. Awkward moment is coming. Be strong J-Man. Be strong. Her stop is the first one we come to, and as the train starts to slow, I say, 'it was nice meeting you.' Didn't ask for her number. Staying strong.

A few minutes pass and we continue on our trip up the red line. At this point, the girl's friend turns to me and we have this exchange:

Her: Why didn't you ask for her number?
Me: Because I have no intention of calling her. (blunt, but true)
Her: Wow, you're a dick.

Yes, apparently I am a dick. Regardless of what I do, I am indeed a dick.

You just can't win.

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