Saturday, October 11, 2008

Double Dipped

I don't know what it is about this weekend, but it seems as if all of my friends are doing something and none of them are doing it together. I think it is the downfall of having several groups of friends, that for one reason or another are just not friends with each other. Last night was the beginning of Double Dip weekend, but it gets even worse tonight. Here's how it went down.

Several weeks ago, my friend Amber invited me to see an art presentation of some photographs that she took that are being put on display. They were having a wine and cheese presentation for the opening night last night, and I had told her I'd make it when she first brought it up.

Weeks pass, I have no daily planner, and an email comes through from my friend Eric that we can get free tickets to the Wizards pre-season game since we have a ticket plan during the regular season. He's gonna get tickets for a bunch of us, and it's a friend of his's birthday, so we'll make a night of it. He's friends with Amber, and my brother is also on board for this, so this must be a different night. Sounds fun, I'm in.

And then I realize the two are on the same night. Uh oh.

Rewind to about a month and a half ago, and my friend Greg sends me an email that he's got a group of people heading to the USA vs. Cuba soccer game tonight at RFK. Sounds like a fun time, I'm in. I find out later that week that my friend Nicole and some of her friends are going as well. Sweet.

Weeks pass, I obviously still have no daily planner, and Danielle mentions that she and some friends of hers are planning to watch the Penn State game in Bethesda (for my benefit) so that I can meet these old friends of hers. I like Bethesda, I like football, I like meeting new people...I'm in.

And then I realize the two are on the same night. Uh oh.

So last night rolls around, I've spoken with Amber and she's OK with me not coming to the show, as she's a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, but she wants me to meet up with them after the show, and the game, in Bethesda. Seems like a good plan.

Meanwhile, Danielle has gotten terrible news that her grandfather has had a stroke and some further ailments make it somewhat necessary that she take a trip up the Pittsburgh this weekend to see him. Well, I already cancelled going to the soccer game, as I'm not much of a soccer fan, so that's out of the loop. But wouldn't you know it, my friend Kalyn emails me later that day that it's my friend Chris's birthday and they're going out in Adam's Morgan. My other two plans fell through, I'm in.

Then I get home after work yesterday and my friend David emailed that it's his brother, and my friend, Colin's birthday this week, as well, and they're having a party for him in Adam's Morgan at Bourbon. I'm gonna be in Adam's Morgan for Chris's thing, let's double dip.

But then Danielle calls me and tells me that her grandfather is doing much better and she doesn't have to go home after all.

Uh oh.

So, here's what has ended up happening thusfar:

Last night, I went to the Wizards game as planned and texted Amber after the game to check on whether they were actually going out in Bethesda afterward. We're doing OK thusfar. I don't hear back immediately, so I get pulled into going to Rocket Bar near the Verizon Center and hanging out there. Meanwhile, my buddy Greg is in the same neighborhood at Proof, but I can't go there since I'm underdressed, so I invite him to meet up since I'm missing the soccer thing on Saturday. He mentions that Nicole is also going out tonight, so I see if she's interested in going to Rocket Bar.

Apparently, I have my eggs in way too many baskets. Next thing I know, Greg shows up at Rocket Bar, Amber texts me an hour and a half later that she is out in Bethesda, and Nicole texts that she's going out in Adam's Morgan. I'm drunk at this point, so I pull the obvious (and least popular) move. I stay at Rocket Bar.

So I imagine Amber is pissed (sorry) and Nicole is slighted (sorry)...but hey, J-Man is but one man.

Honestly though, when does it ever work out that you leave one bar during prime hours (11:30 PM - 1:30 AM) and successfully meet up with a second group? It's just an impossibility. It's like when you buy a fish from the pet store to put in your aquarium. Most of the time, the fish is going to die, but in all cases, the fish is gonna feel out of place and have to stay in his little bag with his own water for a while just to get situated. Huh?

Anyway, on to tonight. Now that Danielle's thing is back on, I feel it only appropriate that I go with her. I've learned from the past that when in doubt, please the one you see the most often. So I will be heading to Black Finn in about an hour and a half, while missing out on a soccer match and two birthdays in Adam's Morgan. Thankfully, I've started covering my tracks and talking to the people who will be wondering where I am.

And with this double dipping disaster, I have now established a new precedent. I am not committing to doing anything. You want me to meet you for a birthday...I'll see what I can do. Drinks after work...It's possible. Sporting event...I'll check my calendar and get back to you.

Or maybe I'll just start being more of a dick and cut down the number of friends I have. So, you, the guy or girl reading this...I've been meaning to tell you...go fuck yourself.

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