Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brain Farts 13

Well, lot of little bits of info and stupid thoughts, so no full post. Instead, enjoy the Brain Farts. Not quite as satisfying as the full shit, but still amusing:

  • Glad I got my cable back on this past Sunday, as my PS3 broke when the cable guy showed up. I didn't realize it at the time, but the game I was playing froze. I shut off the system in disgust and with the beauty of TV and Football Sunday there was little reason to turn it back on until yesterday...when I found out it doesn't read any discs. And Sony won't repair it under warranty because I don't have the receipt anymore. So it's gonna cost $150 to get it fixed. Why God? Why?
  • I'm bored at work as things are slowing down, so I decided to amuse myself by convincing my brother to grow a mustache from now until Halloween. It'll cost me $20 if he follows through on it, but calling him Freddy Mercury and Magnum for the next two weeks will be worth it.
  • I'm sure some conspiracy people have mentioned it before, and while I'm not trying to make a political or prejudicial statement by pointing this out, but doesn't it seem a little too crazy that you can easily transform the bumper sticker Obama Biden into Osama Bin Laden? I mean really? Did Obama have to choose a running mate whose name was that close? REALLY? I'm pretty sure every person I've EVER met could have been his running mate and the name's wouldn't have been so close. REALLY?
  • Isn't it also ironic that my 13th Brain Farts comes a mere week and a half before Halloween?? No, actually it isn't.
  • Speaking of Halloween, the early line on me losing either my phone, camera or wallet on Halloween night is probably around 4-1, especially given that my costume, which came yesterday, has no pockets in the "pants."

That's it for now. Back to making fun of old Rollie Fingers sitting at his desk here.

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