Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wacky Wednesday

Where in the hell did this heat come from? I'm not complaining, though I'm sitting at my computer wearing only basketball shorts and brown socks. Let me explain:
It used to be cold. I was wearing long pants, sweaters and running the heat in my house. But then it became warm. Not over a period of days, but today...83 degrees or more warm. Hell, that's hot.

Well, now it's about 85 degrees on my top floor and here in the computer room it is probably approaching 90. I'm too cheap to want to turn on the AC because I got the gas bill last month and I'll be damned if I'm going to make heat leave my house on purpose. So, off with the jeans. Why change socks, one more thing to wash? Shirt's too hot and walking around in my underwear on a Wednesday afternoon just seems a bit odd, so I grabbed some basketball shorts. Problem...solution.

Now, on to other things. Today I had to drive to Baltimore to look at an automatic pool cover job. Normally a trip to Baltimore takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but this took almost 2 hours to find the place. It's owned by one of the Modells (yes, those Modells) so perhaps they wanted to hide themselves from having any visitors. The map book says I can go on this one street so I'm heading along this road which should dead end at her street. Well, we're near a golf course so apparently they wanted to make the roads look like cart paths...and I'm in a Chevy truck. This winding path goes on for about 1/2 mile and then stops at a house...not her house, and not her street. WTF!!!

So, I backtrack out of this place and see there's a different road that meets their street. About 5 minutes later, I'm at this street, but it is blocked by a closed fence (the whole street) and there's a sign that says "E O E O I E" The rest of the sign is rubbed off. Yeah, I'm fucked.
OK, there's one other way to go. So I go around this street and it also dead ends at a driveway and a dirt path...but the map book says the road meets off to the left...and the dirt path is to the left. So, I'm already on a cart path, why not go on a dirt path?

I already know how I'm going to die, and this is not how it what the hell? I go down this path and sure enough, I'm in Spectre, Steve Buscemi is there, and they have some amazing pie. Simply delicious. We measure the cover, tell her we can get her a new one and everyone is thrilled...and we danced while a fiddle played. I swear I never wanted to leave, but unfortunately, I still had to go to a job in Clarksville and in Silver Spring, so I bid my farewell and continued on my exciting adventure.

Stupid house in the middle of nowhere.

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