Saturday, April 16, 2005

Some Structure

I'm thinking with the new look to the site, I'd add some structure to my blogging, though I could change my mind at any point. That's just how I am. So here goes:

Sundays: Top 10 Lists - Based off my original Top 10s post a few weeks ago, I will enter a new top ten list each Sunday a la David Letterman. Suggestions are always welcome as is everyone's own input and Top 10s.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays: The ongoing saga which is my life, a 27-year old Pool Service company owner who lives with his girlfriend and dog in a townhouse in Rockville, and works with his parents and youngest brother.

Tuesdays: Fuzzy Memories - This post will be dedicated to letting you all read about, and allowing me to recall some of my better memories from the past. Some of the names may be changed to protect the innocent, and any acts which could be deemed illegal should be considered complete fiction.

Thursdays and Fridays: These are the wild cards. I may just rest and not write anything. Or I may catch up because I missed writing one of the other days. Or I may just put up a picture of a nice set of boobs so we can all start off the weekend nicely. We'll see.

Enjoy the new structure. Email me with any suggestions:

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