Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rain and No Shirt

When it is raining and I have already put in over 60 hours of work during the week, it is very hard to get motivated to do anything. I have been sitting here at my computer, with no shirt (that would have required extra work), and I think I have looked at every possible article related to fantasy baseball I could find. If the internet could communicate back, I imagine it would send me to a site that said, "Get up and do something, you lazy sack of shit."

That just reminded me of a funny T-shirt I want to make for myself. On the front, it will have a cartoon picture of a person's head with one of those cartoon bubbles for thoughts above it. In the bubble will be a picture of a man holding a brown turd with a bow on it. Then on the back it will simply say, "This is you thinking I give a shit." Makes me laugh when I think about it.

Perhaps if I had that shirt, I'd be motivated to put it on.

If anyone else is interested in owning this shirt, please email me at, with the subject, 'Give a Shit Shirt.' If enough people are interested, I think I may take the idea to the people that make my work shirts. Not sure what it'll cost.

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