Thursday, April 14, 2005

Quick Thought

Not in the mood to write up a big blog after moving all my stuff into the new blog site, so I simply want to ask this age old it happened again today while I was making dinner with Amy:

Why would someone ever utter this comment?

"Oh my god, this is disgusting. Look at it."

This is in reference to a block of cheese that had molded in our refridgerator and was obviously covered in fur. Why would I want to look at? If it's disgusting, I definitely don't want to look at. That's like when I'm eating with someone and they're like, "This is cold, or this is awful. Try it."

Why? I trust your judgment. I don't want to suffer through the same pain you have endured. Is this some sort of sick game?

"Ooo, this stinks. Smell it."
"Ow, this is sharp. Feel it."
"Man, that is bright. Look at that."
"I'm not sure the chicken is done. Try it and tell me what you think."
"Look at this bee's nest over here."


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