Monday, August 08, 2005


I just got back from the Emissions Testing Facility where I needed to take my car for its routine testing. Is there any greater rip-off than this scam? I just paid $14 and I don't think they did anything. The car in front of me had its gas tank cap taken off and they attached some tube to it, then they put it on what can only be referred to as a car-treadmill while another thing was put over the exhaust pipe.

My car got driven over to a computer where the guy typed some stuff in and printed me out a sheet of paper. That's it. No gas cap. No treadmill. Nothing. The sheet said I passed but there were absolutely no "readings" on it.

Why didn't they just tell me to mail in the $14 and save myself the 1/2 hour of waiting in line?


Anonymous said...

speaking of emmissions...Sunday, my hangover was so bad I think I nearly cleared out the Linen's N Things in Bethesda. Good lord.


The J Man said...

I blame the hangover on the bartender. If she hadn't worn a short jean skirt with white thong, and button up shirt held in place by only two buttons, then I wouldn't have had to drink so much that I would burn the image of her fat ass bending over from my vision.

Catheter Man said...

Linens n' Things? What did you do after that, The Container Store? Was there time for Pier One?