Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August Dulldrums

Well, it's been a while since I wrote about the pool business...quite frankly, it's because not much that exciting is going on now. We're at the point in our season that is characterized by monotony and simplicity. You see, by August, most pools are open and operational, and have been for some time now. Usually, if something is going to break, it either does it when we try to turn everything on in the Spring or soon after that...and that time period has already passed.

So what that leaves us with is a lot of beautiful clean pools that simply need routine cleaning and chemical additions. Nothing too exciting, but also nothing too stressful. Which is nice. Even the Grand Dragon of Bitchiness (see my "Bitch Sport" blog entry), has resolved her issue, paid in full, and is pleasantly awaiting a move to her new house.

So, how can I keep myself amused and engaged during this down time? I ritually burn my employees with the acetylene torch we use for sweating copper, of course.

I know you didn't see that one coming.

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