Friday, August 05, 2005

Crotch Rot

Today I wore boxer shorts with shorts and ended up having to work out on the road, tending to some pools in this 90+ degree weather. Add to that the fact that I got my clothes soaked mid-way through my day when I needed to lean into a pool and you're heading down a bad path in the crotch department.

So, I come home, I've dried up a bit, but I don't want to take a shower since I have a football game at 9 PM and why shower twice (who am I to argue with the European way?) After finishing the football game, my left nut is burning like I dipped it in tabasco but I've still got drive home.

Finally, I'm home and I jump into the shower and clean things up. Still a bit raw, so I figure I'll put on some powder and call it a night. Unfortunately, I'm out of powder and all I've got is athletes foot powder spray (supposed to work with jock itch, so what harm can it do?)

Have you ever lit your balls on fire with a Zippo lighter? Me neither, but I'm sure I now know what it would feel like.

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