Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It is Officially Pool Time

Finally, the weather is warm and the people are actually using their swimming pools. And even better than that is that the college age daughters are home from school. Today was my first sighting of the Summer and it was definitely a good start.

It was mid-70s today with a roaring sun. We had just completed our third job, a real shit hole where the family can best be described as the family from Malcolm in the Middle. However, this family is not the PG version FOX puts on, these people love smokin' weed. I found a 1/4 bag in the pump room last year and they have a smoking area in the backyard cut into their large forest of bamboo trees. There's shit strewn everywhere, including old clothes, miscellaneous swimming pool gear, pots, tons of garden hoses (yeah, I don't know) and a trampoline and rope hanging from a tree. Pretty much everything a stoner would want, less food of course. I really can't do the house justice in mere words, though.

Anyway, we finish up at this pool and are heading into Chevy Chase for our next job. The mom there is notoriously hot and when they signed up for Weekly Service this year, there was a company moment of silence in appreciation for these good bits of heaven god gives to us in our relatively dark days. The daughter I really hadn't seen in a couple years, so last I remember she was kinda chunky and too young for even Merv the Perv to find her worth looking at.

Apparently, she's now around 18 or 19 and things have changed. We arrive at the house, which is right on god damned Bradley Blvd (which makes it a real pain to get in and out of). We're unloading our stuff when the door comes slamming back at me and nails me on the side of my head. Needless to say, I still have a headache and I'm sure I entertained many of the angry drivers stuck on Bradley waiting for the light to turn on Connecticut Avenue.

So I'm holding my head, angry as all hell, then I have to unlock their gate which is not only locked by the standard fence lock, but also a chain with a clip....and I'm holding a shit load of stuff in my hands. Then I make a move towards the pool and notice her.

Looking hot, laying on her stomach on one of the many lawn beds, sunning her back. Smoking hot dumper by the way. My luck, I left my sunglasses at home, so my eyes are like laser beams and thankfully she's not looking my way. However, I try to compose myself and we make our way to the pool.

You would think this is the coolest thing in the world, but it actually is kind of awkward. Here I am trying to clean the pool and get my work done, while this girl is doing the exact opposite of any work at all...and she's really not wearing much clothing.

I'm fumbling around, loosing focus on what I should be doing, trying to not stare at her for fear she'll get all creeped out or her parent is inside ready to call the office because the pool guy is a pervert, staring at her daughter. I can sense my assistant, Cristian, is feeling the same tension, though I believe the lack of focus may be exclusively me since I just got fucking slammed in the head by a heavy-ass door.

We finish our work, head back to the truck, obviously after I had to explain to her that it's not safe to swim for a while. (come on, you thought I wouldn't do anything?) Decent rack, face could use some work.

It is at this point, that all the pent-up exuberance can be expelled. I almost wanted to give Cristian a high-five. Like fifteen year olds, we marvelled at the beauty we had just seen, and we both knew there would be more to come.

It is now official. Summer is upon us. Let the dawn of less clothing begin.

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