Thursday, May 26, 2005

Top 10: Crappy TV

With the finale of American Idol having occurred last night, it seemed only fitting that I bring up all those other crappy shows that everyone seems to love.

Top 10 Shows That Really Suck But Everyone Watches
10) American Idol - Star Search with obnoxious judges just doesn't seem like it should be a top rated show.
9) King of the Hill - Why in the hell is this show still on TV? It is downright garbage. Why don't Beavis and Butthead ever make a cameo and whack off in the camper???
8) CSI: New York - One show was good. OK, two is getting a bit pushy. THREE, you're fucking with me, right?
7) COPS - This is one of the longest running shows on television?
6) Anything with Britney Spears on it - You know you're going to watch it, but god is it crap.
5) Regis and Kelly - I know she's hot, but enough with Regis already. Didn't he have his moment with Millionaire...go back to your hole.
4) Saturday Night Live - When are they going to realize that no one on the show is funny anymore and fire everyone? Even Weekend Update blows.
3) Survivor - Trap people on an island with no food or shelter, then make them battle for our amusement. Who is the sick bastard who originally came up with this shit?
2) The Real World - How many times can you watch a gay guy, a black guy and an obnoxious redneck fight, then all have an orgy with the dumb chick?
1) Newlyweds - These people don't even do anything, they just live. That's as retarded as reading a blog by a guy who cleans pools for a living.

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