Monday, May 02, 2005

Top 10: Nationals No-No's

In following with the Washington Nationals game visit I had on Saturday, I present to you (one day late):

The Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Do At A Nationals Game
10. Forget to bring cash so that you have to stand in the longest line at the stadium...the ATM
9. Take the display beers from the beer stand along with the beers you have actually paid for
8. Order a pretzel with the expectation that it will actually be cooked
7. Order a hot dog with the expectation that it will not give you diarrahea
6. Try to help the grounds crew pull a tarp onto the infield
5. Yell at your son in the men's bathroom, demanding that he really, "Squeeze it all out this time."
4. Bet someone you can name ten Nationals players
3. Forget to piss before you leave to get on the metro
2. Sit anywhere near my group of friends and not expect to be offended at least twice
1. Consistently rub the bald head of an unknown large black man sitting in front of you

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