Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brain Farts 11

Here's some really short thoughts and stories that I thought I'd throw out there. So, as usual, it's another installment of Brain Farts...not quite as satisfying as the full shit, but still humorous.

  • Does anyone else think that Sarah Palin is somehow related to Tina Fey?
  • The other night, I was at my older brother's place and my younger brother and his fiance and dog were there. Midway through a conversation, Kevin's dog, Thor, walks over to me, sitting on the couch, and pees on my foot. Apparently, I got owned.
  • I went to the Chinese buffet for lunch today. Literally 2 minutes after I got back to my office, I had to take a shit. How does it work that fast?
  • If you've never swam for four hours in one day, let me give you a bit of information...your extremities are going to turn white. All of your extremities! However, as I've always suggested, internet porn cures everything.
  • I got the new Madden for PS3 this past weekend, my first new Madden game in 3 years. Apparently, playing Madden is not like riding a bike, as I am miserable. They have a new feature that gives you your "Madden IQ" and I'm pretty sure that I'm the Madden equivalent of Timmy from Southpark right now. Stupid games...always judging me.
  • How awesome would it be if there was a city named Tina, and Hurricane Ike kicked the shit out of it.

And you are all now stupider for having read this. Enjoy the return of football. Go Skins.

My pick: Skins win, 20-10.

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