Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Date-Time Continuum

For those of you that don't watch "How I Met Your Mother" or don't just happen to know this term, the "date-time continuum" basically states that you should not make plans with a current girlfriend/boyfriend that are further into the future than the amount of time that you have been dating.

I'm usually not superstitious about this particular term, and in most instances I'm fine with a girlfriend inviting me to future events, as I would hope that they would want to be with me in the future, and most really good things require a couple months of preparation. Case in point, the cruise Jaclyn and I took after only dating for 3 months...great time.

However, I've had my fair share of downsides to planning ahead in relationships, regardless of the date-time continuum. Here's just a few examples:
  • I booked a flight to Pensacola to see Natalie for Y2K New Years. We broke up in October.
  • I booked rooms and a flight for Jaclyn and I to go to Vegas last December. We broke up 4 days prior.
  • I bought tickets to see the Lion King with Nicole in July, and ended up getting dumped by Lisa the day after the show (Yes, you read that right)

And so, like the fool I am, I pounced on pre-order tickets to see the Wizard of Oz at Warner Theater in December earlier this week. (Don't judge me, I'm cultured...bitches...and I like the Cowardly Lion)

However, I'm not going to mention this to Danielle. You see, Danielle and I have only been dating for about a month now (yes, I know some of you are shocked at the new girl turnaround, but do you really think I'm as big of a jackass as these posts suggest? Come on, women love me. And when a girl comes over, in her jersey, every Sunday because she actually wants to watch football and makes you taco dip, that's a keeper). Anyway, so since it's only been a month, that means I shouldn't plan anything more than a month in advance. I've had tickets to see Lavell Crawford at the Improv in mid-October for a while, and I just mentioned that to her last week. She wants to go to some cabin with her friends in she just squeaked in. But then she mentions taking a trip to Disney World (where she knows people) and AFRICA! (where she also knows people who will let us stay for free) for January and February, and I think she's putting our relationship in jeopardy. Does she not know my track record?! Thankfully, none of these things has been booked.

However, the tickets to the Wizard of Oz have been booked. So for those of you who were putting the bets down as to when I'll be truly single again (don't worry, G-Man, I'll still wingman like the pro I am) money's on early-December. There's no guarantees it will be Danielle breaking up with me, but someone will. There's no fighting the date-time continuum or my "luck" with planning things ahead of time.


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