Saturday, August 02, 2008

This ain't football!!

So, no real shenanigans to speak of from last night. Mostly just running up a $100 bar tab while losing at darts to Dave and shuffleboard to Edwin. I did see a guy playing the greatest round of Ms. Pac Man ever, mesmerizing all those around (he was like a savant or some shit), and of course we made a mockery of the metro as Laurie contemplated peeing in a cup because the train stopped for like 20 minutes in Cleveland Park. I have no idea why but I did make this profound statement while we sat there (at least it seemed profound last night)

"You know what I like about trains? The fact that I am sitting and yet moving. It's sort of an oxymoron. But right now, I'm sitting and not moving. So, it's like I'm just in a chair. I'm not really as big a fan of chairs as I am of trains." (I think you had to be there)

In any case, the most shocking story of the night came right before I even headed out. I get a call as I'm getting dressed and it's from my brother. As I mentioned in my previous post, his football team is playing the thugs I played last week that threatened to "light this place up with my 9" (I heard that little added quote later this past week). Several emails were sent from members of our team and others asking that this team, notorious for dirty play, be removed. Needless to say, the league banned the guy who threw a punch from playing, but the remainder of the thugs, including Skeeza, the guy who punched me in the jaw, were still allowed to play.

Kevin informed me that Skeeza was back to his antics right from the get go, slamming my brother into the boards (what did my family do to this guy?) and receiving a flag for unnecessary roughness. You tell em ref. That'll stop him. Jackasses. So the game continues, Kevin is running along the side lines and rather than pull his flag, Skeeza once again slams him into the boards. This time, no flag is thrown. And this time, Kevin is hurt. I don't know the full details having not been there, and Kevin played it down a bit. But while I was at Rocket Bar, Kevin was at the hospital, having been taken away in an ambulance with two large puncture wounds above his knee where the impact forces the door screws into him.

My mom was freaking out and said you could see the bone in one of the cuts, which is just f-ing horrible, but thankfully, I believe that the injury is purely of the cut variety, no ligament or muscle damage. He was getting stitches last I heard from my mom, and I'll probably go have a look for myself this afternoon.

The game continued, the Fuel Rods lost once again. But my brother is the one who really lost, as this is likely going to affect his abililty to work this week, if not longer, and it could have been much worse. Injuries are a part of sports...but this one could have been prevented. Fucking unbelievable. This ain't football.

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