Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fuck it...let's do it.

As I mentioned in my "Passion" post a couple weeks back, I've decided it's time I got myself out of the rut of simply working, going home, eating dinner, and repeat; along with Friday night football (which I've now quit) and Saturday drinking (well, don't want to change everything). While I usually fail when trying to change and do new stuff (See: the guitar sitting in my closet), this time I'm returning to stuff I loved to do before. Not really adding something, just taking away the blockers. So, hopefully, this will be a habit I don't quickly get out of.

I would have to say that although Lisa and I didn't work out, she did remind me how much I like doing excursions and other activities...something I've gotten out of doing for some time. And I think that's why I cared for her so much. I used to go to the DC Improv at least 5-6 times each year. (Without this, I would never have seen my favorite comedian Mitch Hedberg before he died) I used to go to O's and Nats games whenever the spirit struck me. (Remember the O's-Red Sox game when I pretended to be a Sox fan and then turned on you all when the O's took the lead...Go Yankees). I used to go to concerts with my friends that included great stupidity (I'm reminiscent of Shamrock Fest in Arlington, with a 10 AM start at Langley's place where funneling was required).

That's when I was happiest. That's when enjoying myself took president over worrying about the fact that I got yelled at for 30 minutes or more each day for three weeks straight. I put up with that shit, so I can enjoy this shit. Seems like a good shit trade. Without the trade, it's just shitty. (That seemed more profound when I was writing it??)

Needless to say, the August Duldroms at work have given me an ample opportunity to do this, as work is relatively slow and the weather is still nice (unlike December when I'll be doing nothing but won't want to go outside because it's cold). As you've read about, I've had a barbeque at my place, gone to yet another concert, and tonight I'm heading down the street to the big screen showing of "Evan Almighty" for a picnic, where I'm making a greek feast. (I'll let you know how the menu turns out...I do watch alot of Top Chef). They do this every Summer and I've even driven by it on my way home from work many times...yet this will be the first time I've gone. Why did I wait so long? Fuck it...let's do it.

Add to that a random trip to the Nats game last Sunday followed by a trip to ESPN Zone, where I was discussing the Maroon 5 concert and had this exchange:

Me: Man, I had a great time at that show. I wish there were more concerts coming up.
D: There is. Heart and Journey are coming next week.
Me: What??!! Seriously??!! Do you like them?
D: Well, yeah.
Me: Then, let's go.
D: Sure.

No thought of the fact that the show is on Wednesday night and that work might conflict in someway or the logistics of getting down there. I want to go. I can make it happen. I'm doing it. It's like Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" describing how having a ship is freedom. It's quite freeing.

And then that leads me to my greatest "fuck it, let's do it." I'm talking with Amy online a couple weeks ago, ranting on about the monatony and how miserable this year has been at work (I'll mention it again, getting yelled at for something you aren't directly doing is not fun. It really stings after a while. Literally just got back from a 15 minute tirade in Potomac...just shoot me). Anyway, she's like, if you need to get away, you're always welcome to come out here for a weekend. I think she was just being nice. I haven't seen her in over 2 years. I haven't actually spoken to her in just as long. But, hell, why not? I booked a flight and I'm heading there this weekend.

Will I run out of money living this way?...yeah, I imagine one could. Though not everything I do is going to cost money...hell, tonight is free, except for the dinner I'm making. And I can't expect there to be so many things all on top of each other. Though a trip to Six Flags in a few weeks is definitely inevitable...who else is with me?? Nonetheless, it's a change from the rut and the freedom I needed to get me through a bad patch. And I would recommend it to everyone.

Go're already there if you're reading this. See if there is anything you want to do, see, visit. Is it fun? Would you enjoy doing it? Then, do it. You won't regret it.

"You shouldn't regret anything, because at some point in the past, it was what you really wanted."
-Heard this or something similar to it, but can't remember where

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