Saturday, August 09, 2008

The End of an Era, Concluded?

If you read the first End of an Era blog, you know that last night was the start of my indoor football playoffs. It was also possibly my last night playing in that league, unless we won both our games and were to compete in the final next Friday.

Things weren't looking good early last night, as our normal quarterback Johnny was unable to make it. We put our fate in the hands of our quarterback from a couple sessions ago, Dan, who played at Shepherds and had a strong arm, but never looked that comfortable in the past. We're fortunate to be matched up with the Young Guns, a team we already beat twice this session, and they are also without their quarterback.

We trounce them and are up 24-0 late in the game, basically just rest the last 4 minutes, allowing them to score on a BS bobbling catch, and we're moving on, 24-8. I tallied a sack and a couple of flag grabs during the game while playing safety, along with a couple catches at WR, so I'm feeling pretty good about my performance.

Next up is Individually Twisted. This is my old team, the team my brother plays (though he's hurt) for, and a team full of guys I obviously know pretty well. It's a fierce battle, as all of our matchups have been in the past, with both sides scoring on their first possession and then tightening up and going scoreless the rest of the way into the half.

They start off the second half with the ball and a busted coverage leaves one of their receivers wide open for an easy touchdown, putting them up 16-8. A couple of turnovers for both sides and we have the ball with 4 minutes left, still trailing. It's my rotation sitting at WR, so I watch from the side lines as we drive down inside their zone, and score on a RB option pass to our QB. Our excitement is stiffled as one of our linemen is laying on the ground and as he tries to rise, blood pours from his eye. Another injury, and another reason, this is justifiably my last game...or is it?

We line up for the extra kick to tie the game. Astor has been money all night, hitting 2 field goals in the first game and all of his extra points. The tying kick is up...

and it's wide to the left.

I walk onto the field for my final defensive possession, and a few kneels and a full length chuck of the ball later, and it's over. I guess if I had to lose to anyone in my final game, I'm glad it was these guys. I wish I could have gone out like John Elway or Michael Strahan...but maybe I'll go out like Brett Favre????

Nothing is ever set in stone, but for now, I'm retired.

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