Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts

As I mentioned in the Brain Farts, this past Saturday, a group of us headed to the Maroon 5 and Counting Crows concert. (Sara Bareilles was there too, but I'm not a fan...in fact, that song irritates me since they played it so much on Hot 99.5) This will be my 6th concert of the year, which is definitely a new high for me. Anyway, after the success of the party bus for the DMB show, Eric took it upon himself to organize another party bus for this show. Three of us were from the original DMB crew (Eric, Tim and myself), so we had a bunch of new people enjoying the greatness of not having to worry about drinking and driving.

Things are looking good early, as the bus pulls into the Grosvenor Metro parking area, and out pops a driver who looks like Jim Gaffigan. He's one of my favorite comedians, and this guy is now my favorite driver, as the first words out of his mouth are, "I know you guys used us before but things are gonna be a bit different this time. I'm the owner of the company and this time, you can drink all you want in the bus!"

What he didn't know is that we did that last time anyway, but I'm still pretty psyched as this guy is cracking jokes and overall adding to the great experience. He even kept score of our flip cup games later, kept a watch out for the cops in the parking lot, and allowed me to guest DJ along with Hot 99.5 on the way back, using his PA. (Yes, I know I'm retarded...but I did do some sweet call-response bits).

So now that I just gave you a preview of what was to come, here's some details. We pull into the parking lot at 4:05 PM (thankfully, Eric did not forget his ticket or need to piss this time) and since the lot opened only 5 minutes before, the whole premier lot is ours for the taking. We pull into the same corner we stayed the last time, as the "bathroom" is right there and it's got a great hill for lounging on. And of course, out pops the bean bag game and beer pong table.

It's only a matter of time before the security and the police come by and put an end to our games (apparently that's illegal and they're enforcing at this show), but I start grilling up some burgers and dogs. Eric whips out some pasta salad and we've got ourselves a nice little barbeque.

We decide, after eating, that flip cup is our safest bet for a new game to help pass the time and kill the 160 beers we brought, so we split the teams by gender, only to find out that the guys that we have with us suck (or maybe the girls were just good). In any case, we regroup and team "Hot Pickle" (it's an inside joke from Dewey, so many of you may not get it) is formed. Jim Gaffigan is cheering us on to victory, the cops come by one last time and end up putting an end to all shenanigans, including taking our neighbors' beer bong and throwing it away. Who does that?! Did I mention that our neighbors were like 7 ridiculously hot chicks and only 3 dudes? And did I also mention that this was a trend for the show and an obvious reason that I am now a Maroon 5 fan.

And it's off to the concert. We missed Sara Bareilles (as anticipated) and I'm thinknig that I'm remarkably sober as I grab myself a 22 oz of Bud Light and we head to a spot on the lawn to lay out our blankets. Maroon 5 comes out, things are chill, and nobody is dancing about as it's still a bit light out.

A rapid chug of my beer and Liz tugging me to my feet for "This Love" later, and dancing J-Man is in full effect. Soon the whole group is up and dancing and most of the area surrounding us is forced to dance as well. But no one brings the stupid like yours truly.

The rest of Maroon 5 and the performance of Counting Crows is a hodge podge of remarkably recognizable songs (CC started with "Rain King" and even did "Hangin' Around" and "Long December" much to my surprise) and me whipping out some of the finest in spins, hops, and an odd grinding style of dance with Susie that I'm not really sure looked as cool as I thought it did at the time. Nor did my puppet string dance, which had Courtney shaking her head at. (trust me, it's best I leave dance descriptions obscure for you to imagine...ask for a demonstration next time you see me and you'll know why) I'm all class.

The concert soon comes to an end, we clean up our blankets and return to the bus for more stupidity. Like I mentioned, Jim Gaffigan cranked 99.5 which is playing the late night dance music and I'm chiming in with some impromptu impressions of DJ Kool. Eric loses his shirt at some point, Dre leaps across the bus to tackle someone, and soon the party has ended. Another successful trip to Nissan...my second in a month.

And I'm heading right back on Wednesday with Danielle to see Journey and Heart. I think I should get a frequent listener discount...though I am getting a free iTunes song for each ticket purchased. Don't stop believing!

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