Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top 10: Best Action Movies

So, I've been getting a ton of hits and comments on my top Pump Up Songs list, so I figured it's been a while since I did a legitimate (as opposed to comedic) list. So, having just seen Dark Knight on Monday and seeing as this is my 300th post (I know...ridiculous), I bring to you:

Top 10 Best Action Movies
10) Robocop - There's something about revenge that makes a good action flick, and after the early scene of the guys shooting the cop to pieces, I just love it when Robocop starts plucking off the bad guys. Classic action moment: When the truck hits the guy who fell in the toxic waste and he explodes...brutal

9) Terminator 2 - I'm pretty sure this movie broke tons of records at the time it was made with regard to all the carnage involved in it. You can't have an action list without Arnold in it as well. Classic action moment: The semi and the pickup truck chase ending in giant explosions and the semi sliding for like 1/4 mile...awesome.

8) The Bourne Trilogy - I really couldn't pick just one of these flicks, because they're all equally solid in the level of action and ass kicking. It's like a Bond movie without all the gay British people. Classic action moment: I'm partial to the scene in the last movie when Bourne calls the head dude, asks him where he is, and when he says he's in his office, Bourne is like "then we'd be talking face to face" lines, necessary to all action.

7) Aliens - Are you kidding me?? This movie just never ends. Action upon action upon action. The scene when the whole army gets anhiliated and all the screens go out...ridiculous. Classic action moment: Sigourney's chillin, everything seems calm, and then, BAM, robot guy's split in half and here comes more and downs, keeps you guessing.

6) Dark Knight - This movie is exhausting there's so much action. I won't ruin it for any of you that haven't seen it yet...but man, it's a new classic.

5) Matrix - This was another record breaker, this time with the special effects. You can't overlook the impact the bullet angles have had on future action movies. Classic action moment: Where do you start? Gotta say it's the scene when they come to save Morpheus and walk through the security station before blowing the shit out of the place...silly.

4) Die Hard - With this trilogy, there was no problem picking a best...and it's the first. Another action man versus a bunch of bad foreigners. Overcoming adversity, and taking names. Classic action moment: Yippee ki yay, mother fucker!!

3) Braveheart - Revenge and overcoming one movie...sounds like a recipe for solid action. Add to that Mel Gibson's desire to show brutality to the utmost, and it's one of the best. Classic action moment: I kind of like the scene where he's on the horse, surrendering, and then swings his mace and smashes the guard's face before kicking some serious ass...that's straight primal!

2) Gladiator - It's like the writers saw Braveheart, took it to Rome, and added some extra ass-kicking scenes and a bigger douche of a bad guy. Works for me. On my signal...unleash hell. Classic action moment: The speech Maximus gives when he is face to face with Commodus again..."I will have my revenge, in this life or the next." me chills every time.

1) 300 - Did you expect anything else? This is my 300th post! 300! Yep, that's a lot of writing. Oh, and this is the greatest action movie ever. I want to fight people after watching it every time. They make a wall out of dead people! Classic action moment: You apparently should not insult a Spartan is his home. When he kicks that messenger in the chest, I wanna stand up and break some shit...THIS IS SPARTA!!!

Go see Dark Knight, and enjoy my 300th post.

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