Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is This Football??

So, Friday night rolled around and we were set to play the Fuel Rods in my indoor football league. They've been in and out of the league for the past couple years and they are most notorious for playing dirty and talking ALOT of shit. We already had played them once earlier in the season and I was matched up against a guy they call Skeeza who wears a jersey that says "Presidential" on the back Needless to say, I left that game having been shouldered, elbowed, and verbally abused and we lost by about 20 points.

Fast forward to this past Friday and things are looking to be headed down the same path as members of the Fuel Rods are talking shit in the parking lot before the game even starts. It's only a matter of plays before I receive my first dirty shot from Skeeza, a forearm to my jaw...right where it's cracked and I still have the bump from the repaired bone. A few plays later and he slammed me into the wall after the play was over. I returned the favor by kicking him in the thigh while on the ground and I'm sure my, "Fuck you, you dirty piece of shit" fell on deaf ears as the violence continued as he punched my teammate Shane in the back several times after an interception.

The refs are trying to control the escalating violence with calm words, but bad things are in store. And sure enough, we're up 8-0 late in the first half and they decide to throw our QB to the ground (did I mention this is a flag league). One of our WRs doesn't take too kindly to this and steps towards their lineman with some kind words. I told you these guys played dirty, but this ghetto punk takes it to a new level as he throws a right hook and connects with my teammate's face. A minor skirmish ensues, shit talking is running wild, and we're bordering on a riot. Their guy is ejected, breaks the gate to the field on his exit (which included some colorful words and the stereotypical removal of his jersey) and shit is only gonna get worse from here.

The rest of the game plays out with personal fouls flying left and right (I don't know why they didn't call the game earlier) and the jackass they ejected is hanging by the stands, brooding and seeking revenge. He refuses a hand shake to try and resolve the issue and as we celebrate our win (yep, they were undefeated and we handed them their first loss) it is apparent the violence hasn't ended with the final whistle.

The looks we're getting while we put on our normal shoes and clothes put everyone on guard that it's best we not leave any stragglers behind as we depart. Unfortunately, Shane didn't get the memo. We walk out the door, only to have my brother (who stayed to watch the game with my parents after his game) run out and tell us that Shane has been surrounded by their team inside.

I'm trying to distance myself from the whole fiasco, as I'm not looking to break my jaw again by someone's sucker punch, and it's already hurting after the "legal" sucker punch I received in the game, but both teams shuffle outside and the shit talking hasn't ended.

I get in my car but keep an eye on what's going down. Most of my team has left but Shane and Tio were still around and as Tio is walking to his car, I see the same now-jerseyless thug go running his way.

I'm not sure what's gonna happen so I swing my car around to the area, with the incoherent intent of hitting this punk with my car if need be. Thankfully, nothing has happened yet (probably wouldn't have turned out well if I had done that) but the two are squared up with their hands up, apparently intent on throwing down right there.

I turn on my brights and slam on my horn, hoping to disrupt whatever is being said, and this brings a large group over to the area. Thankfully Tio pulls away and gets into his truck, as Shane is informed by one of the calmer Fuel Rods, that we should probably get out of there since some of them carry guns and he doesn't know what they might do at this point. What the fuck!!??

Everything dies down at this point, I drive home and I realize that Kevin is scheduled to play these guys next week. Didn't I sign up to play football??

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