Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favre from done

This isn't a story about me, as I haven't really been doing anything all that exciting (well, I have, but I don't feel like writing about it). Instead it's just my opinions about one of my favorite things, football.

For those of you that follow sports, the big story over the past 24 hours has been Green Bay Packers' quarterback Brett Favre's announcement that he wants to now come out of retirement to continue playing football.

The issue surrounding this exchange is that the Packers had, in essence, planned to move on and looked to put the team in the hands of new quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and here comes ol' Brett at the 11th hour trying to step back in. So here's the dilemma. Let Favre come back, alienate Rodgers once again (the last few years have had the same questions about retirement lingering) and risk that he'll leave the next chance he gets, thus possibly screwing up the future of the Packers. Or not bring Favre back, risk that all the fans of Green Bay will revolt, especially if Favre does well somewhere else and Rodgers falls on his face.

Definitely a sticky situation for the Packers front office, but here's my opinion. Let Brett Favre go. Yes, Brett Favre is an icon in the Packers organization and yes, he had a great year last year, showing he's still got something left. But the Packers didn't go to the Super Bowl last year. They went to the NFC Championship game. And they played it at home. And they were the favorite to win the game. And they LOST. You couldn't have a better scenario set up for you and yet no championship or even a trip to the Super Bowl. It's time to go a different direction.

Drew Bledsoe was considered one of the better NFL quarterbacks back in the 90s. He took New England to the Super Bowl and always put up good numbers. And then the organization decided that it needed to go a different direction and handed the ball to a guy named Tom Brady. Now, I'm not saying that Aaron Rodgers is gonna be the next Tom Brady, but sometimes letting an aging superstar move on, despite history being on his side, isn't a bad idea.

Last year was Brett Favre's last great chance to be a champion with the Green Bay Packers. The stars will not align so well again, so why not give the Packers and Brett Favre the chance to do something else. Perhaps one of them will be better without the other. Only time will tell.

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