Saturday, August 05, 2006


Earlier in the week, I met my brother at a job site to give him a part that I had picked up for the job he was at. When I pulled up next to the service truck, however, I noticed that there was something on the hub cap. It looked like a "D" and it was spray painted on there. Where in the hell did that come from?! I'm sure I hadn't seen that before. My brother was also unsure, and it wasn't until I got back to our warehouse that I realized where it had come from.

There, in our parking lot, sat several other trucks, spray painted by vandals with the word "DARK" tagged in random locations. One truck, that has been sitting in the lot and hasn't moved in a while was completely tagged up. They had spray painted the entire passenger side window and rearview window white and painted "DARK" over top of that, in addition to the 6-8 other locations the word and other drawings appeared all over the large box truck.

Wow! Where did all this spray painting come from? Hmmm. Let me think. There is a warehouse spot in this development for a realty company, a gym supplier, a framing store, that weird guy that looks like the Riddler, and... an underground autobody shop that specializes in spray painting designs on cars and only works at night because they probably don't have a license to do car work in our warehouse development to begin with. Hmmm. Who could have done this? I'm stumped.

So, we call the building supervisor and mention what has occurred and who we "think" might be responsible for it. Of course, he's being a big vagina and refuses to take any action because no one actually saw anyone do it. That's right, no one saw them do it...but these are the same guys that spray painted all over the inside of their warehouse walls, and even on their own cars, plus all of the trucks that were tagged were either directly in front of their warehouse spot or just out of view of the main traffic. But he's right, that would be circumstantial evidence. And who would be stupid enough to spray paint right in front of their own shop. Certainly not punks who sit in a warehouse inhaling spray paint all night. Definitely not.

On to the police. So we give them a call and inform them of what occurred. They're more concerned as to whether "DARK" is a racial slur and whether this was a hate crime. Are you kidding me? Hate crime? I don't know about you, but I don't particularly "love" getting spray paint put on my vehicle. Fucking "hate" crime! When we told them it wasn't, immediately we're not important and I still haven't heard anything from them since. But I expected that.

So what's the next step...vigilante justice, of course. No, I didn't break anything of theirs or spray paint their vehicles or anything like that. The thought crossed my mind, but I'm not trying to get thrown in jail or fined or some crap like that. I mean, they just sprayed a 'D' on my wheel. They did much worse to other people's trucks. Certainly the other guys would be just as mad as me. Right?

So I walked my ass down to the guy who owns the sign shop, who happened to have two trucks he was working on (putting signage on them) tagged up. Now, this guy is an animal. I know, because he has come into my office and bitched at me because my guys are parking in his parking spots. Now, let me tell you. If you saw how mad he was over taking his parking spots, one can only imagine what he would do when someone elses' vehicle, in his care, got vandalized.

Let me just pay him a quick visit. And that's where I'm gonna end this particular tale. You can finish it however you see fit, but make sure you include a lot of curse words, because that would be truest to form.

Yeah, I poked the bees' nest and perhaps I poured honey on these spray paint guys, without any solid proof, but hey...what else am I gonna do to keep myself entertained. They shouldn't have messed with my truck.

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