Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Moment of Reflection

Today I received a comment from someone who located my blog while searching for some sort of help in locating a pool repair online. Needless to say, she/he did not find answers for the problems that they were looking for. What they did find is my rantings about my life and with it some of the not so fine moments I have in dealing with clients. (don't bother looking for the post, I have removed it following their prudent commentary)

From their comments, they were likely offended and would likely not use my company for service at their pool. And they are entitled to their opinion. If they were offended, I apologize. If they don't wish to use my company's pool service, that is their prerogative. I purposely do not use my real name, the name of my company, nor any of our client's names on this blog for that reason.

My intent in writing this blog is not to educate people on pool service nor to attempt to promote my company to enhance business. This can be seen by my relatively scarce postings about pools and when I do post about them, it is not from an educational stand point but rather to express my feelings, as a human being, dealing with my job and my life.

I imagine that everyone has difficult days in their life when they hate their boss or their co-workers or a client of theirs, if they are in that type of business. I choose to share these experiences, along with other experiences, with my friends (the people who this blog is truly intended for...though I have never password protected it) for the humor that is involved in some of my stories, and for them to relate to some of the issues I encounter.

Obviously, some people with swimming pools, perhaps even in my local area, may stumble across this blog. All I can hope is that they look at this blog as a caricature of life, the stories of someone who encounters some of the same life issues they do (work, girlfriend/wife, pet, home maintenance, travels, etc.) and not as a reflection of me as a professional. Because frankly, I don't write blog entries about the clients who love the work that my company does and have been satisfied using us for 10-20 years.

Nonetheless, though you haven't found a pool website, you have found a pool if you're having a problem, write me a comment asking me for my input and I'll gladly provide you with a completely unsolicited answer. I can assure you, I know what I'm talking about. Allow me to "inspire" you.

To avoid future confusion, however, I have changed the tag line under my title to not include anything related to pools and I have removed some of the past posts related to work that I feel may be offensive.

Thank you for your input, it is always appreciated.


gman said...

dude... i told you to be careful of that...

Anonymous said...

Given your current circumstance you should change the title to "Wired Shut"


DC said...

You should have left the post up, so that we could ridicule them for the whiney bitches that they are...