Friday, August 18, 2006


So this afternoon, I'm replacing a non-functional time clock at work, and I am throwing a voltage test on some wires to see where the problem is. Both my hands are on the fully insulated volt meter leads and yet as I go to take my second test, I feel a tingle in my left finger and a jolt IN MY MOUTH!!!

Yep, not sure how, but my mouth is a massive conductor thanks to all this metal, and I get a full on shock across my entire jaw line. Needless to say, this hurt like hell, and still has my jaw throbbing a bit now, almost 3 hours later.

Then I'm all bitter from getting shocked so I throw the volt meter down, and turn away from the time clock, only to smack my shin on a gas line regulator (a hard metal thing). My brother was amused, but I'm just wondering how much more pain I can inflict on myself before I just stop wanting to get out of bed each day. Yeah, Friday!

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Anonymous said...

and the reason the headline wasnt "J-Man recieves the Shocker (kinda)" was?