Monday, August 14, 2006

Return of the Redskins

Last night was the first preseason game for the Redskins and although the outcome of the game was pitiful at best, I'm still excited for the start of the new season. For the first game of the year, Brunell looked relatively (loose term) sharp, with the exception of his interception, which may have been a mix-up by Brandon Lloyd, something that will hopefully be ironed out by the regular season. Lloyd's catch earlier in the drive was definitely the high point of the game, and I think he's going to end up being a very solid #2 wide receiver this year.

The starting defense was also stifling, with the Bengals first posession dropping them back 16 yards in three plays before punting the ball. Having the defensive tackles healthy this year could lead to a huge increase in the pass rush, which will hopefully turn into some turnovers...something they were really lacking last year. However, Carson Palmer was sitting on the bench for this game, so we can't

The biggest downside to the game was obviously the injury to Clinton Portis. The takedown on that DB was pretty damned cool looking, but I wish he hadn't separated his shoulder giving that guy the 'Rock Bottom'. I would hope Gibbs takes this as a warning to just let him rest for the next few weeks, if he's even capable of playing. I like Ladell Betts, and I think he'll be able to fit in nicely if Portis isn't ready to go, but we're definitely not the same team with him in there. So, overall a so-so start to the game.

And then the second team came in. I really hope that this is a product of scrubs versus scrubs, because we just looked confused and horrible. The second team O-line was getting worked over and Todd Collins looked like he wanted to reinact the scene from Unnecessary Roughness and run behind the ref to avoid getting killed. He even resorted to throwing the ball at the D-Linemen to keep them away. What a schmuck!

And the defense didn't look much better. That one DB, Wright, I think his name was...he sucks. I hope he's not our Nickelback, because he's making me wish we kept Walt Harris with the bumbling moves he made yesterday, and nobody benefits from thoughts like that.

But we can always fall back on the Joe Gibbs "Vanilla" defense, and claim we weren't showing anything in the preseason game. That's our story and I'm sticking with it. Nonetheless, the Bengals team just looked more in control throughout most of the game, audibling with ease to the same out patterns for 6-12 yards, while Collins and even Campbell floundered. But I guess this is to be expected when the team is once again instituting a new offensive scheme.

Thankfully, the Skins schedule is pretty easy to start the season, so hopefully they'll have things all together when the tough competition rolls into town. And hell, I'm just happy to see football back on TV again.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of frogger...or at least the music.

Getting wierd looks at work.


The J Man said...

I think the weird looks are probably more because you have your hands down your pants, but I'll get rid of Frogger anyways.

It was getting a bit old and I couldn't get to a second board, even if I got all the lily pads. Stupid game.

gman said...


It wasn't a separated shoulder. It was a dislocated shoulder (actually subluxation -- partially dislocated shoulder -- most minor form). Clinton is in serious trouble with an injury like this. Yes, it's his non football carrying arm (he doesn't switch the ball like older guys used to, but he needs the other shoulder to block and stuff. I know that if he just keeps his arm in tight, he won't suffer another dislocation... but whenever he puts his arm out to soften a fall he will be at risk to dislocate it again. If it happens again -- his career is in jeopardy. this is a big time scary injury. FYI the fact that a guy as muscular as him suffered the dislocation means the impact was unbelieveably scary. also his arm was in the "prone" position during the arm bar tackle.. no lb tackles like that for a reason. if they did they'd all be injured in high school and never would have made it to the pros. that's why you tackle low with your arms in.

how do i know all this? I've fully dislocated (not subluxation) 3x in 2.5 years. If it happens again, I'm going the surgery route.

The J Man said...

Errr....separated shoulder 3x in 2.5 years?? Perhaps you too should remove your hand from your pants.

The J Man said...

Looks like I wasn't the only one who thought that DB sucked...the Skins already traded for someone to take his spot in Mike Rumpf. The only downside is, we now have 3 guys who we took from the 49ers...that can't be good.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely good news for me for our bets.

Go Pats


The J Man said...

Let's see here...starting at WR for the NE Patriots: Reche Caldwell and Troy Brown. Yeah, don't start celebrating anything yet, Langley.