Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't Mind if I Do

So today, I'm back out on the road visiting some pools that have some issues that really required the master's touch (too many jokes could be made...I'll leave it to you). So it's mid-day when Kev and I make our way to this one pool in DC that apparently has been losing water this year. We had done a complete retiling and replastering of this pool, so we wanted to make sure that none of the new work created this water loss, thus giving the pool the final approval that the construction work was satisfactorily completed.

Since I don't regularly go out on the road, even less now with the jaw issue, I'm ill prepared for what would be needed for this particular job...swimming. Yes, at my job, swimming is part of the job it and weep. But wait, there's more.

So, luckily Kevin is prepared for this scenario and switches into his swimsuit to begin dye testing the pool returns and suction ports for any leak. Last I remember of Kevin swimming, he was two years old and in an inner tube, so I don't ever recall if he learned to swim. Apparently, he did, but really only passed the remedial "swim enough so you don't drown" stage. As you can imagine, this makes diving to the bottom of a deep end and unscrewing a drain cover a bit of an ordeal.

Now I'm not really complaining, because while he's swimming, I'm sitting in a lounge chair making sure he comes up routinely and doesn't drown. Yes, at my job, I spent several minutes sitting pool side in a lounge it and weep. But wait, there's more.

So, you would think I'd be content with my lounging, but frankly we had a bunch of other jobs to get to, and Kevin wasn't feeling well to begin with, so that's making things even worse for him. An executive decision needed to be made, and I was not afraid to make the bold call.

"Kev, get out of the water. I'll handle it from here."

Yep, I'm gonna jump into this guy's pool in mid-day, in plain view of two of his neighbors and possibly his wife my underwear. So I strip down to my drawers...thankfully they were black or Kevin and any other unfortunate souls would have had to gaze upon my bulge and my nugget pouch...and in I jumped. After swimming around this guy's pool for about 20 minutes taking care of business, I jumped out of the pool, and toweled myself off as I stood in his backyard in my underwear. Yes, at my job, I stand in my client's backyard in my it and weep.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Now if only I could find a way to play Madden while waiting for a pool to drain?!!

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