Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Barely two weeks after the retarded (well, handicapped, but we can assume) driver hit my car in the parking lot, some other jackass apparently hit the back end of my passenger side and drove off this afternoon. Either the people who work in my complex are completely incompetent behind the wheel or my car has a giant bull's eye on it, because this is just getting ridiculous.

And I don't even work in an area heavily populated by Asian people. WTF!!! Now I have a 8" horizontal scratch, a double dent and a cracked blinker lense in the back to match the huge scratch-dent combo on the front of my passenger side. Think the middle is lonely? Nope...because some jerk off scratched a large backward "C" on my passenger door about 2 months ago.

At least now I don't have to worry about drinking and driving, because if I hit anything, it'll just blend in. You know what they need to invent...cameras on your car that take pictures in all directions anytime something impacts your car. I'm sure this could easily be done with alarm and camera technology where it is, and it'll pay for itself in my case, because they never tracked down the retard and I have no idea who this new assclown is.

WTF!!!! This sucks.

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