Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Black Cloud

I swear, there is a black cloud lingering over my head recently. As you may recall, there was the debacle a few weeks back where my car needed new tires and brakes, and I lost over a grand in Vegas. Well, apparently Lady Luck has decided to let me flounder a bit longer.

On Friday, I get back from working out on the road to find a note from the lady who works next door to my office. Her note says that a White Toyota Corolla with handicapped (of course) tags hit my car, and then drove away. Now I have a huge dent/scratch combo on my front right bumper and some 'tard woman running around thinking she got away with it. Well, I'll show that special little bitch. I sent her info onto Geico so they can track her handicapped ass down to pay for this shit.

Then, on Monday, I wake up feeling like shit, so I decide to call in sick. I'm resting when the phone rings and my mom calls me from work to tell me that another 'tard (this time, not clinical) hit one of my vans on Connecticut Avenue, and who's driving that truck but my one driver who isn't covered by my policy and is only driving for a week while another guy is out of town for a family reunion. Needless to say, the lady driving the other car is, of course, stating the accident was his fault, even though the dent is obviously from her hitting him, and now my insurance company is giving me a hard time.

Can it get any worse?!! Oh, yes. My computer at work...the one with all of my proposals and documents...as well as my 7000 poolowner list...and all my work order templates...has crashed and will not restart. Hopefully a geek visit on Thursday morning can resolve this issue and right this ship.

At least it was my neighbor's house that got hit by lightning on Thursday night. I guess their black cloud was a little bigger.


gman said...

we need to go watch a good strong vince vaughan comedy to break you out of this shit... Friday night?

Catheter Man said...

Did Gman just invite you on a date to see The Break Up?

gman said...

haha. i did. but he's got football and I gotta go see a play it turns out...

just watch swingers followed by wedding crashers and all will be well.