Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thirsty Thursday

Every three weeks, I have tried to put together a happy hour with all my employees to try to break things up from the "monotony" of simply coming to work, working, then leaving. This is a concept I just introduced this year, and termed the day as "Thirsty Third Thursday."

Well, today just happens to be a Thursday, and the last time we went for drinks was three weeks ago. Unfortunately, not everyone gets up for this event each time it rolls around, but this week we had 4 (a fifth showed up later) of us partake. And an excellent choice for mid-day drinks and food was the ever popular Hooters.

The four of us swing into Hooters, grab ourselves a table, and our waitress is over in a few seconds. She introduces herself (Stephanie) and takes our drink order (I got carded, always nice). She's a decent looking girl, but really not all that great. She's about 5'4", blonde, a bit on the thicker side, thus giving her some nice cleavage, a little bit of acne, and there's something else that's very odd about her. At first, I can't pick up on it. She's friendly enough, cracking jokes, making an impressive catch of two wings with a second plate as they fall from their own plate, and she even stays around to talk for a bit.

And that's when I realize what's wrong. She's staring right at me as I make a comment, but she's ALSO staring at Manny, who's sitting to my left. How is that possible? Staring at two people at one time???

She has a lazy eye.

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