Saturday, October 01, 2005

Place Your Bets: Week 4

What a great weekend for sports! The weather is finally getting to feel like football should be played, and baseball is winding down. How amazing is the AL East and Wild Card race. As a Yankee fan, I am going nuts getting basically an extra best of 3 series with the Sox before the real post season begins. You can't ask for any better.

Add to this the winding down of the fantasy baseball season, and I am basically at my computer checking scores 20 times a night. I've pretty much locked down 4th place in my keeper league (too many injuries and a crappy Beltran left me short) and it looks like I'll win the 3rd place game in my head-to-head league, but in my Yahoo league, I'm in a dog fight with my buddy Thoman for first place...I'm down by one point right now, but I've got innings to eat and pitchers to eat them, with hopes I can get a few wins and gain about 3-4 points by doing so.

If you think that's not enough sports, I'm heading to the Nats game this afternoon with my family to hopefully watch them destroy the Phillies season, and then I'm heading to the Redskins game tomorrow to hopefully watch them move one step closer to the undefeated season.

Plus, I've got an outdoor football game tomorrow at 9 AM after playing and winning in my indoor football league last night. Hopefully, we'll rebound from our 20-20 tie last week, which cost us a chance at a three way tie for 2nd and instead leaves us in last place.

With all this going on, perhaps this excuses my poor performance in making my NFL picks last week. I finished with a record of 5-9, dropping below .500 for the season to 21-24-1. Thankfully, I only threw real money on the Cincinnati game last week, and that came up golden. Here's what we've got this Sunday:

Indianapolis (-7) at Tennessee: Steve McNair is banged up again and the Titans defense is definitely the worst one the Colts have faced all year. They have to cover the spread sometime.

Detroit at Tampa Bay (-6.5): Detroit is coming off the bye week, which makes this even a contest. Carnell Williams has been running the hell out of the ball, and Brian Griese has been terribly underestimated for almost a year now. Tampa is for real and should be able to walk through the Lions at home.

Seattle (+2) at Washington: Being a Redskins fan, this hurts me to bet against them, but they have really been lucky to win both their games this season and Seattle is not the type of offense that will let Washington squeak out a low scoring victory. I suspect we'll see a lot of Shaun Alexander, setting up some deep passes over the depleted Redskins secondary...and I'll be there to bitch.

I haven't gotten one of these right this season, so I don't even know why I try. There really isn't a great upset pick out there, so I'll go with the Jets (+280) to pull it out over the Ravens. This is going to be an ugly game, with two backup quarterbacks doing their worst. I have faith in Herm Edwards, though, as he seems to find a way to win every year with a squad that I feel is just a big pile of crap. Go Crap.

San Diego (+5.5) at New England: Tomlinson is real good and losing Rodney Harrison is real bad. Maybe the Chargers don't win this, but I think it'll at least be close.

Denver at Jacksonville (-3.5): I've been picking Jacksonville alot this year and I still like what they're doing on defense. Hopefully, their offense will look better than Kansas City did against the Broncos last week.

Houston at Cincinnati (-10): This spread is pretty steep given that Houston has had two weeks to try and remember how to play football. But they did forget in the first place, so I have to pick the extremely hot Bengals.

Philadelphia at Kansas City (-2): I think this is the week T.O. becomes a distraction on the field. Arrowhead is just too tough a place for me to pick against the Chiefs too, even off the short week.

St. Louis (+3) at NY Giants: The one week I suck it up and pick the Giants and they go and stink it up. Arguably the matchup of the two teams I dislike the most. I really don't care who wins this, so I'll take the upset.

Buffalo at New Orleans Saints of San Antonio (Pick): If the Angels can do it, why don't the Saints? In either case, the Saints need to win this game and with Takeo Spikes out for the Bills, they may be able to ride Duece for the victory at "home."

Minnesota at Atlanta (-6): The Falcons defense is not the Saints defense, so I think the Vikings and Daunte Culpepper will fall back to the shittiness we grew accustomed to in the first two weeks.

Dallas (+3) at Oakland: I'm sure Parcells was real pleasant this week after to the loss to the Skins and narrow victory over the crappy 49ers.

San Francisco (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals of Mexico City: I knew it was only a matter of time before the NFL decided the Cardinals were too shitty to allow them to stay in the US. I guess it was the only way they figured anyone would come and watch this game. And just think, they'll play another one later this season.

Green Bay at Carolina (-7.5): The old Brett Favre would be a lock to shine on Monday Night, but the "old" Brett Favre is a shell of the man we used to watch...and the Packers look like crap. I hope he surprises me, he's such a gamer.

Let all the games begin.

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