Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm sure everyone runs into this feeling every once in a while...the feeling that you are stuck in a rut of doing the exact same thing every day, every night, every week, every month with little variation and therefore little to get overly excited about.

Well, that's where I'm sitting right now, and perhaps that explains my lack of posting recently. As a child, you always look forward to growing up and doing adult stuff, but I don't think as I kid I knew how good I had it.

I've been working in my company for the last six years, (more if you include the occassional Summers through high school and college), and though it is physically demanding at times, it really doesn't seem to challenge me in a manner that keeps me engaged. I know exactly what I need to do in most situations, and there is rarely a challenge that requires more than two extra hours of my attention to resolve. Then it's back to processing paperwork, making sales calls, and dealing with the antics of unmotivated, under-educated employees.

Is this what being a working world adult is all about? Is this why you hear about people working for the weekend? Or why people bitch about their jobs?

Now, don't get me wrong...I probably have it much better than alot of people, since I have no direct overseeing boss to harp on me (except for the 300 clients that never cease to find something to bitch about), and I have no cutthroat co-workers trying to bring me down to lift themselves up a peg. But, it's still a routine, a monotonous, almost-second-nature routine that I wake up to each and every day.

But the irony is, soon my busy season will be over, and my work days will dwindle to just a few hours of training and re-organization...and I'll look forward to rediscovering my monotonous, almost-second-nature routine, because it's just that.

So, this weekend, I guess I'll raise a glass to the boring routine that is work...and then I'll walk up to random girl and smack her on the ass...just because it's something different.


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The J Man said...

No vulgar language? Fuck that.

Catheter Man said...

No, working for the weekend involves a certain amount of desperation and hopelessness that you lack because you have almost complete control over your working future.

People bitch about their jobs because they (for example) take the subway and a bus to a different state in order to work for a multi-million dollar company that keeps you at part time (even though you routinely work over 40 hours a week) so that they don't have to give you benefits, makes you share a desk in a hallway with a stoner who everyone knows is an idiot (but will get promoted before you because he likes to talk to everyone), has you doing work that you could have and actually did do in high school, with no hope of being promoted except for each November (so you have a full year to be miserable in your crappy current position), gives you 2 movie passes for a Christmas bonus (remember, multi-million, possibly billion dollar company), forces you to wait out all night for Toni Braxton's Today Show concert in order to stage the most obvious guerrilla marketing campaign ever, and forces you to join a useless union before they will hire you full time (but not on salary because then you could take days off and still get paid).

That is what working for the weekend is like. Its not enough to be bored and/or not care. You need to actively hate the company you work for.