Wednesday, October 05, 2005

McDonald's Monopoly

God, do I hate this stupid game. Every year, I feel compelled to buy McDonald's food just to get the game pieces. I don't even like hash browns and I got some yesterday morning. Then, today I won a free medium fries on my morning drink cup. So, of course we hunted down a McDonald's for lunch so I could use the freebie.

Unfortunately, you don't get a game piece with the medium fries and I don't really know how to order something without making it a combo, so I ended up ordering a chicken mcnugget combo meal (biggie sized for the fries with the game pieces) AND redeemed the free fries with it. Yeah, that is just too much food, and the fries tasted like shit by the time I got to them as well. So I ate like 10 fries. What a waste.

I plan to be over 185 lbs. by Saturday.

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