Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy Weekend

I feel my blog entries have lost their flair lately. Perhaps, I'm growing bored with writing stories, or more likely, I have nothing too particularly exciting to talk about. This weekend, however, was very busy for me from a sports point of view, so I'll drop a few of the highlights here, and possibly make a few bold predictions for you guys to mock related to the MLB playoffs.

Sadly, I stayed at work until 7 PM...not working, but playing the incredibly addictive game I had stopped playing years ago, Civilization III. Trust me, if you haven't played this game and you value your free time, don't start. If you have played this game, you understand my addiction. Anyway, I ran from there to my football game, where we pulled out a victory, though I didn't catch a TD for the first time this year. Perhaps it was because my gloves smelled like Big Foot's Dick since I left them in my bag with a sweaty T-shirt. Honestly, no one wanted to stand within 5 feet of me, which really helped in making us practice our no huddle offense.

Later, I headed down to Adam's Morgan with my buddies Jay and Ellis, along with two friends of Ellis's who used to live in New Orleans. Nothing too spectacular to speak of, although we did see a very forward and perhaps retarded Russian guy aggresively hitting on women while wearing his suit jacket inside out. For those who know the places I go to drink, the suit jacket alone is grounds for mocking him, then to have it on inside out (and it wasn't a fashion statement, unless "dumb ass" is the statement) was pure comedy.

Went to the Nationals game with my brother and his girlfriend, as well as my parents and grandmother. Not quite the best crowd to go to a Saturday afternoon game with, but it was a family thing...gotta do it once in a while. The best part is that my dad refuses to switch Metro trains ("it's too hectic and stressful"), so instead of driving 2 minutes to the Grosvenor Metro by my house, he drives us all the way to New Carrollton (40+ minutes) so we're on the same line as RFK, nearly killing us when he almost went the wrong direction on Route 50. Yeah, that's not hectic or stressful?

Went to the Redskins game (Yeah, 3-0!!) with my buddies, Kupe, Zack, and Scott, after our morning outdoor football game, where we won 13-12. Our first win of the season...finally. I bought new gloves, since the stank didn't go away on my old gloves, which I may now have to burn.

At the Skins game, it's always a freak show, but we definitely had the cream of the crop in our section. I really wish I had a camera, because my words alone can not do justice to the guy sitting one row in front of us to the right. He was probably about 6'2" 380 lbs. (fat pounds) and was wearing a 5XL John Riggins jersey that I don't believe has been washed since it was likely first purchased in 1983. This guy is so big that he overlaps into the two seats on either side of him, which is killing the guy to his left and forces him to vacate the seat in the second half. The best comparision I can give you is to think of a real life "Comic Book Guy" from the Simpsons. Classic.

The game was pretty exciting, as you can imagine, but the downside to any close Redskins game is that all 80,000 people leave at the same time...which translated into a 2+ hour trip back to Rockville. That's why I only go to one game a year.

Andruw Jones

David Ortiz

NL Cy Young:
Chris Carpenter

AL Cy Young:
Mariano Rivera (Yeah, that's right)

Red Sox over White Sox in 4
Yankees over Angels in 4

Astros over Braves in 5
Cardinals over Padres in 3

Yankees over Red Sox in 6

Astros over Cardinals in 7

Astros over Yankees in 6 (Yankees will score an assload of runs in the two wins though)

Yeah, I know. All the ESPN guys are picking the Astros, and I'm a Yankee fan, but Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens are ex-Yankees, and Pettitte is arguably the best playoff starting pitcher out there right now. Pitching wins championships, and they have the best staff out there...even against the Yankee lineup.


gman said...

well... I'm back in town so your weekends will obviously become more interesting. nothing like a drunken caper to fire up the fall.

The J Man said...

Good stuff. My football game is at 7 PM this Saturday, so I should be ready to head out early.