Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Throwback Saturday

When my older brother called me last Saturday to let me know that Davidson was actually on TV playing basketball, I had no idea that being able to watch my alma mater nearly blow a game live would begin what would be a true day of throwback moments.

As I mentioned, Davidson was out to a substantial lead most of the game, having never trailed at any point...until about 1:30 left in the game. Thankfully, a clutch block and three point bucket saved the seniors' final home game, though Davidson is left with only a 3rd place finish in the Southern Conference Regular Season and will require a tournament championship to play any games past this weekend.

Following the game, I got myself ready to head over to my buddy Dave's birthday at his fiance's house. Having dated his fiance, Mayumi, very briefly back in high school, I had been to her house once before, but that was over 10 years ago! (THROWBACK #2)

We arrive and the gathering begins with a variety of guests including Dave's college buddies, work colleagues, and family. Mind you, I haven't seen Dave's family in just as long as I've seen Mayumi's house, and when Dave's sister walks in, I only partially recognize her, leading to this awkward exchange:

Her: Jeff?
Me: (Who is this person? I know I recognize them) Hey, didn't you go to Whitman? (my HS)
Her: Jeff! I'm Dave's sister.
Me: Oh my god. Is my face red.

It all comes back to me and we have Throwback moment #3.

The evening at Dave's ends with a quality shot of tequila courtesy of Mayumi's stepdad, and Amy and I are off to drop her off before I head out to continue the drinking with Dave and the birthday crew.

Unsure as to when they would get down there, I call back my buddy G-Man, who had demanded I go out on Saturday night. Unfortunately, G-Man ends up being a big pussy (yeah, I said it!) and decides he doesn't want to go out since he went out on Friday, so I'm searching for a backup option...and it's already close to 11 PM (didn't want to disturb you Kupe, a la the night I wander around in G-town). And as if by an act of god, my phone rings and it is my younger brother, Kevin.

After some discussion, I decide I'm heading over to his place to head out with him and his friends to eventually meet up with Dave in Adam's Morgan. Things appear to be working out well and as I arrive at his place and see beirut already set up, things can only get better. You realize it's been like a year since I played beirut, and almost 3 years since I've played with my brother. And then there were 4 throwback moments.

We finish a few games and grab the metro. One of Kevin's friends has graciously made a roady of Cranberry and vodka and all is going well...that is until we start walking from the metro to Adam's Morgan. The beer and piss are filling up inside of me and I need to piss bad. I'm seeing salvation at the end of the bridge, where I usually go, and in anticipation the pee comes to the forefront. You know what I'm talking about, you know you're about to pee so it comes out of the dugout and gets right on deck, making you feel like you have to go with even more urgency. AND THERE'S A COP SITTING RIGHT THERE. Oh, I'm fucked. I am in physical pain now, as are my brother and his roommate, as we are shot down from the standard pee location. After a few hundred feet, I can't take it any more. I whip it out and proceed with the walking piss, a move I haven't used in almost 5 years. THROWBACK.

Unfortunately, some dude comes walking past us and I'm forced to duck into someone's sunken entrance to finish up. My bro has already begun tagging this area when I arrive, and we are both startled as the light turns on and a women yells at us, "Real classy, guys!" She was right, couldn't have said it better myself.

Onward to Dan's and the most horrible moment in my entire life. I've described Dan's in past posts, and most of you know the place anyway, so I'll spare you the setup. After we're there for a while and since I've broken the seal on the walk, I have to go to the bathroom. When I get to the door marked MEN, I smell the strong vile odor of stale urine and I know I'm in for trouble. I open the first door and the stench punches me right in the face as I stare down at a puddle of something on the floor...but I'm not in the bathroom yet, just the intermediate door. I trudge through the little stream and open the second door. Bad idea.

This time, the reak is so bad, it is basically 6'4" 250 and it ninja kicks me squaw in the gut. I can barely breath as I try to do my business and even pulling my shirt up over my face doesn't help. Screw washing my hands, I bolt from the pisser mid zip up, happy to still be alive. It was definitely the worst smell I have ever encountered in my life...and that's saying a lot considering I've pulled dead rotting animals out of pools after Winter's of decompisition. Yeah, I went there...and it was worse. Thankfully, this was not a throwback moment, and I hope I never a moment like that again.

But upon exiting Dan's and entering Roxanne's, I ran into six girls who also went to Davidson with me, including my sophomore roommate's fiance. After attempting to communicate with them for a few minutes (mind you I had the tequila shot, played beirut, and went to Dan's..talk about throwing back) I took off to meet back up with everyone who went in without me.

Barely able to stand, my night soon comes to an end, as Dave and I catch a cab to the metro. Dave enjoyed a nice moment of passing out on the ride to the White Flint stop, and we were both forced to run to the car, because it was like 10 degrees outside and the beer coat evidently stops working after 3 AM.

Just like the good old days...truly a nice throwback night.

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